Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

In the field of tourism, the name might not have been as popular as Jepara Cilacap, Wonosobo or even Semarang. In fact many people consider the largest Regency in Central Java has a spooky image due to the existence of the island of Nusakambangan that in fact is the place of residence of the pesakitan snapper class in this country.
Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

As a saying that do not know it is not dear. Any traveler would never know that theCilacap has many interesting places for vacation if they don’t take the time to explore the County. Therefore Travelingyuk will try to summarize the most recommendedplaces to visit while in Cilacap. Yuk follow Travelingyuk browsed one by one.


1. Most beautiful face There on the island of Nusakambangan Cilacap, One Coral Coast Bolong


Decide on a vacation in Cilacap inevitably traveler should dare to visit the island ofNusakambangan. Although the island is impressed because a place haunted prisonexistence of class I in Indonesia are inhabited by the convict class snapper, but the island‘s got natural beauty cannot be denied.


Come to the beach nearby Holey reef located in the easternmost part of the island.The white sandy beach is situated in the heart of the ancient fortification heritage Netherlands which is also known as the fortress of Holey reef. A traveler can access this place with a cross from Gulf Coast turtle.


2. Reservoir Kubang Kangkung, former Netherlands clean water Storage which is now So tourist attractions


The next place that‘s fun for leisure is a Reservoir in the village of Kubang KangkungKubangkangkung, kecamatan Kawunganten. Reservoir that used to be a source of clean water storage for the colonial Government of Netherlands in Cilacap is now transformed into a tourist destination.


Around the reservoirs there are lush greenery Sprouts Kubang reportedly has hundreds of years old. The air around the reservoirs also still so cool, away from smoke pollution vehicles. A visiting traveler can relax while enjoying the culinary side of reservoirs as well as playing the gondola in the middle of reservoirs.

3. Cool on the border of WestCentral Java, Curug Cimandaway


Not wrong if most tourist destinations promoted in Cilacap is its beaches. But do not forget also the area in the Western side of the County is bordered by the provinces of West Java. Here the topography in the form of the mountain holds a great potential of nature one is plural or more waterfall called curug.


Curug is Cimandaway, 65-meter-tall curug has established the Regent of Cilacap in 2012 as one of the tourist destinations that can be found in the County. Curug Cimandaway is located in the hamlet of attack, village, subdistrict Dayeuh Sublime. This waterfall is already known citizen since 1986, but 4 years ago developed as a tourist destination. You are obligated to visit this waterfall, although access to the still quitetiring.



4. The Queen’s Cave, a cave on the island of Pesakitan



The island of Nusakambangan is indeed known as the island of Pesakitan which refers to the existence of prisons class I in there. But the actual nature of the island itself has a lot of potential to be developed as a tourist destination. In addition to the beach and the ancient buildings relics in the Netherlands, the island of Nusakambangan also has caves that are not less with cave in karst area of East Java and Yogyakarta.


Make sure you stop over to the Queen’s Cave while in Nusakambangan. He said the cave has a length of 4 km with an average width of 20 meters. But make your own traveler can access the cave only along the 140 meters. The parent is referred to as the Queen of the cave the cave that is in Nusakambangan and save a lot of mystical stories. But the cave which has a room with a red stone is indeed very beautiful to enjoy.



5. Beautiful, Si Permisan Beach on the island of Prisoners



Still on the island of Nusakambangan. There is one beach that you should not miss the list of visits i.e. Permisan Beach. Why is it worth a visit? The first reason PermisanBeach still very Virgin aka natural untouched by modernization which is ideal for meditating. On the beach there are monuments of the Commando Knife photogenic backdrop for photos.


In addition, the beach is the destination for the citizens of Permisan prisoners. Those who membesuk her family in custody will be stopped at this beach is for leisure. The most obvious is the view of the sea with waves menderu-deru into view so enchanting. Not be afraid to pay a visit to the beach in “the island of Prisoners.

6. Turtle Bay, the gateway to the island of Nusakambangan


All the activity of the tourist crossing towards the island of Nusakambangan originated from the Gulf Coast turtle. This beach is administratively located in district of Cilacap Selatan is located 2 km from the Centre of the County of Cilacap. Good car or motor vehicle can easily access this beach.
Gulf Coast Turtle had a concrete pier which are commonly used to lure residents. From this beach is also a traveler will be presented with the scenery passing by tanker,as well as the tegarnya refinery Pertamina and the Green Island of Nusakambanganin the distance. Generally in addition to recreation, a traveler visiting this beach all crossed over to white sand beach in Nusakambangan by hiring a fishing boat.

7. One more Beauty to Miss sweetheart Nusakambangan, beach Selok Pipo


A little bit of trekking to the East side of the island of Nusakambangan, the travelerwill be met with a cool beach named Beach Selok Pipo. The beach is still pretty Virgin and hidden behind the hills. The only way to get there is to walk through thetrails.
Some suggested that traveler hired a guide inasmuch as the trail has many branches that are confusing, wrong-wrong traveler can get lost in the middle of the forest. Beach Selok Pipo is divided into 3 separate spot by hills and steep cliffs. The photo above is taken from the third spot with characteristic steep reef with ocean waves thundered.

8. Trace the footsteps of the Netherlands in the Nice Fortress Pendem

Length of Netherlands controlled Indonesia can be seen from the building his legacy is scattered in almost all regions of the country. A traveler can also trace the footsteps of the Nice Kompeni in Cilacap by visiting Fort Pendem. Ancient fortress which is said to be the defence of the Netherlands is located in the Gulf Coast Turtle Cilacap.
According to history, the fortress in the Netherlands language called “Kusbatterij OpDe lantong Te Tjilatjap was built in the period between the years 1861-1879. The ramparts have 60 Scouts Fort, barracks, firing room, as well as a fence and trenches around the Fort. Traveler visiting this place can get around the streets or relax in the gazebo or swing. There is also a fishing pond provided as additional facilities.

9. the almost Forgotten Mandala Curug Worthy You Jenguk


Curug Mandala is one waterfall in Cilacap Regency. Unfortunately the beauty of this waterfall is almost forgotten. Not because it is not beautiful, but its water dischargethat relies on rain water makes this curug dries when the dry season, so not much isrealized if the rainy season like now face Curug Mandala will glow again.
Curug Mandala you can find on the village Mandala Jeruklegi, district. To get the location of the traveler should be a little bit of trekking across the hills with the terrainof the road up and down. But don’t worry, because the line bypassed already cast charts even though the conditions are less well preserved. This waterfall is worth it because its existence jenguk makin you displaced, who knows with the number of visits will this well-preserved curug back.

10. Mangrove Forests of Mediterranean Hometown Hits among Traveler


This nih last place, at once central hits in Cilacap, Hometown of Mangrove Forests by the sea. The popularity of the middle of this meteoric rise was influenced by Roberphotos on instagram which featuring the faces of ayu mangrove forests in the sea.A matter of beauty does not have to doubt, you can see a bit of her picture below.
Indeed to get the area of Mangrove forests need a 1 hour trip by renting a fishing boat or vessel. The difference is, if renting a fishing boat you can depart at any timewith a rental fee of 300600 thousand per ship. If take a regular pay cheaper, per person: IDR 10 thousand with a specific schedule, but could not get to the site but should move up to two times.
In addition to 10 destinations are probably still a lot of interesting places to visit while on holiday in Cilacap traveler. For it to make a recommendation that got Cilacap traveler vacation spots, can help complete this list with Travelingyuk to write it in the comments field.


2017 Hyundai Sonata Specs, Redesign, Price list, Release Date

2017 Hyundai Sonata Provides Much better Build. Even though it seems prematurely for styling update, the brand-new 2017 Hyundai Sonata is reported to offer brand-new styling with brand-new rate too. This Sedan is a rather preferred in the market, and the new version is stated to be far better than the precursor. Check out the information listed below.

2017 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Hyundai Sonata Specifications

NEW 2017 Hyundai Sonata Energetic trim will certainly be powered by 2.4 litres of GDi petrolengine that produces 138 kW of power output with 241 Nm of torque performance. Elite as well as Costs trims will be powered by turbocharged 2.0 liter of petrol engine that creates 180 kW of power outcome with 320 Nm of torque efficiency. It is unfortunate though that the new car won’t get improvement on its performance.

Outside and Interior

The only requirement feature on the new 2017 Hyundai Sonata variation is the wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Elite trim gets couple of other features consist of digital parking brake with car hold function, front car park assist system, heated front seats, and also rain-sensing wipers.

2017 hiyundai sonata Outside and Interior

2017 hiyundai sonata Outside and Interior


These attributes on Elite trim are additionally offered as the additional alternative with $2,000 additional cost, equipped with two-pane scenic glass room. At the same time, Costs trim is powered by Advanced Smart Cruise ship Control, Rear Cross Website traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Lane Departure Caution System, as well as Unseen area Discovery.

2017 Hyundai Sonata engine

2017 Hyundai Sonata engine

The various other major upgrade is on its tire, which is 17 inches alloy wheels with 215/55R17 Continental Conti Premium Get in touch with 5 or 235/45R18 Michelin Pilot 3 in Costs trim. This new tire completely alters the appearance of the cars and truck. It looks a lot more classy and also sporty too.

2017 Hyundai Sonata Launch Day and also Rate

This new Hyundai Sonata design is readily available currently at the car dealership. Each trim includes the various price. The entry level, Energetic trim, is offered on $30,590 price tag. The Elite and also Costs trims are offered on $38,350 as well as $45,490 prices. This price is costly, as well as it should reduce the quantity of passion amongst purchasers.



It shows wonderful enhancement from the last variation, but it appears as well pricey as well. There is no certainty that the latest model will have the same success in sales. Close to look, purchasers will desire the brand-new 2017 Hyundai Sonata to be budget friendly.

Tricks or Mountain Bike Cycling MTB

Mountain bike or MTB is designed to roam the rough terrain in the wild, like a dirt road in rural, mountainous or hilly, rocky terrain, or forest. Bicycles can also be used for various purposes, not merely as a means for the adventurous. However, most owners of these bikes is to use it to satisfy your hobby browsing.
If you are a beginner who wants to roam the fields are not accustomed to using MTB, you should first seek to understand the technique of this type of bike. Knowledge of the basic techniques of this MTB cycling will help to minimize the possibility of incidents or accidents during cycling. Here are the basic techniques MTB cycling that you should consider and practice.

1. Always consistently follow a track or path.
Pustuskan path where you want to go through, then follow the path in focus. Wherever possible immediately get rid of the doubt that often comes when you encounter obstacles on the path you have decided you want to skip. Doubts or fears can develop into fear. Afraid that you feel will make your concentration to overcome obstacles envelope to disperse and cause your body position may change. This condition is likely to make you fall.

2. Always think about what you should do next.
Avoid too focused for too long on one hurdle. Beware of obstacles that you will face next and what actions you should take.

3. Keep your distance cyclists in front of you.
Avoid getting too close to cyclists in front of you. Therefore, the rear tire or the back of the cyclist in front of you very likely will take your focus so that you become distracted and end up unable to avoid the obstacles in front of you. You can fall into a hole or stumble stones. Position yourself slightly right or left of cyclists in front of you.

4. Change gears to a lower position when passing through sandy terrain, watery or muddy.
In addition to switching gear, the next thing you should do when I have crossed fields of the unexpected is to move weight to the rear, avoid pressing the brake lever a deep, calm, and kept pedaling to get through obstacles.

5. When down a steep derivatives, lower the bicycle saddle.
You will have more time to react when faced with unexpected obstacles if a bicycle saddle in a low position.

6. Avoid gripping the handlebar bicycle handlebar or too strong.
If you do this, your upper body will tense that you are more tired. Hold the bicycle handlebar with how to relax, but not too loose.

Tips powerful build troops in Castle clash for Android

To be able to build up troop strength quickly then we need to do several things at once. In the genre of RPG game, everything will be done at once. This means that if in one hour on a mario game you just dwell on two difficult arena. On the castle clash RPG games such as this, in the same time we can upgrade buildings, attacks on other troop or HBM. But to do it all of course takes time. In essence, if you want to be strong troop in a short time we just need to play as often as possible castle clash gem hack.

In an appropriate manner, a short play time can still make us have a strong troop. And here are 10 tips to build powerful troops in Castle Clash Android.

1. Every 2 hours playing in the dungeon.

Less is more, there are five opportunities to attack the dungeon within every 2 hours. Dungeon is a place we can train a hero. The more often we beat the dungeon and improve the level then our heroes will also be getting stronger. For a hero who’s already level 80 and above, this method can no longer do. If you want to keep leveling hero, then the dungeon that you should take is level 5. The course is not very easy.

2. Harvest Shard in dungeon

Shard is a green gem that is used to purchase a hero. By gathering the shard that much, we can get a legendary hero. Why should harvest shard in the dungeon ?. Because each 2 hour we could have got more than 20 shards. When compared with HBM, this way a little faster. hoe to can shard of the dungeon we must destroy the area quickly. For a particular dungeon, the use of magic remains to be done. Attack dungeon specially marked (tiled in blue). Drop rate in the dungeon greater than usual. If you managed to survive without any troop that K.O then we will get shard.

3. Economic Focus

Nothing need money. Not in game or in the real world, it remains valid. So the best way is to strengthen the economy. Always leave the money to build a gold mine. This will accelerate the production of gold and simultaneously increase its health. When a lot of money we automatically every development can be accelerated as well.

4. Join in Guild

If you have a guild, we can contribute there shard. The donation will be exchanged for credit or the proverbial ticket. The ticket where we can use to buy a flag. Furthermore, we will use this flag dibattle or just finish the mission. Other advantages, we can fight the boss. If the level of hero you’ve done enough, you can fight the boss and set to earn badges.

5. Harvest Honor badges

Honor badges to work for improving the level of hero. Hero one level is fixed only at number 20. To be able to go to the next level, must wear badges honor. Later a new hero level be increased to a value of 21 to 40. And so on. To be set to earn badges, we can use three ways. With Trial or against the legendary hero with a certain level. Complete quests / missions, with dungeons, arena.

Trial, we can get badges greater honor if the levels we great opponent. For example we fight hero level 60 druid there are 6 people. Then from there we can get 200+ honor badges.
Quest, The higher MIGHT or troop strength we have, the number of honor badges we can also more and more. For the picture, at 10,000 MIGHT we can get 400+ honor badges. About time, I personally only 2 times a day. That is to MIGHT 10,000 we can get 800+ badges.
Dungeon. This method is not recommended. Because the dungeon is not the place to harvest badges.
Arena. Every hour can be 50+ badges with notes defeated hero above your level.

Best Important things Within Parks

Best Important things Within Parks

People look for opportunities to escape through the tense environment and additionally travel anywhere you want pleasant in addition to relaxing. When one month or simply times to do the same old plan, that they sense that you have to calm down a tad together with invest some time making use of their family using a family vacation. Sport is not a variety of vacation but a private must to be able to catch up with pals, family unit, as well as other families. More to the point, it is also required to maintain a good way of life.

Best Important things Within Parks

Best Important things Within Parks

There are actually various areas to get when organising a recreational process. The family will spend time around seaside lodges, downtown concert halls, foods courts, lane people and more. These can perform an unusual model of entertainment which will ease some sort of stressed out heart. However, in the event the friends and family adores someplace a lot more restful, which includes a clean natural world together with a broad room or space with regard to physical activities along with picnics, not a thing provides great progress over travelling to mother nature park system. Parks are generally most suitable areas with regard to comfort, friends and family connecting, together with passions.

Areas can be protected aspects, planted by means of trees and additionally attractive facilities, and tend to be intended for person recreation. Every single city and also location the united states. has an section safeguarded coming from urban growth with maintained and also unnaturally created garden together with pampas designed to everyone. Very industrialized spots just like Denver, Colorado allot an entire space meant for areas to help counter top the stress filled effects with industrialization.

The town associated with Denver colorado is right now densely covered using skyscrapers and pavements of which little by little disappear that natural environment. Areas with positive sites inside the area offer an method designed for locals and keep a relaxing in addition to recreational ambience. Denver colorado, Co theme parks encompass court turf at which citizens together with targeted traffic are able to hang out picnicking, running together with running along with sports processes designed for completely different sporting activities.
Benches in addition to have a picnic platforms can be unengaged to use by way of anyone, generally placed directly under shrubs this provide when organic colour. With other substantial areas, there are fish ponds when site visitors are able to ride fishing boats and accomplish a few doing some fishing. Playgrounds around Denver colorado, Co areas are fantastic together with protected with regard to little ones, while an entire rounding route can be available to get 16 and up who would like to go on pedaling along with skating.

Various amusement parks in every state have people well-known sceneries but not just inside Denver colorado, Colorado parks and additionally sport internet sites. Some are quite possibly innovative sufficient to have man made grass rugby fields that could fit thousands of guests exactly who take pleasure in sports, while others have incredible fountain features by using bright colored your lights within the evening hours.

10 Diets That will Guarantee Weight loss

10 Diets That will Guarantee Weight loss

10 Diets Of which Ensure Fat burning
Irrelevant of the best way accommodate that you’re, anyone probably would not state zero to be able to dropping a couple extra inches, would you? But, there’s never an easy choice.

10 Diets That will Guarantee Weight loss

10 Diets That will Guarantee Weight loss

There looks like it’s a lot of inconsistent information and facts about what you should together with really do not accomplish. There are many involving weight loss plans that will claim to operate like a charm, yet provide virtually no serious, tangible benefits. Options been in this case previous to, you would probably know concerning fat loss, nothing can be confirmed. Or even, did it? In the following paragraphs, most people definitely will list 10 quality diets which were likely to help you out get slimmer. calorie intake to lose weight
1. Time Carb Diet regime
Even though exactly who need advised you, foods that are rich in unwanted fat may not be the particular reason why you are getting weight. Your system must have healthy and balanced fats to work, or believe get badly reduced of energy. Carbohydrate food is incredibly hazardous. As soon as you use disproportionate amounts of carbohydrates, you are setting one self at stake. Period of time carbo diet program makes it possible eliminate the numerous effortless carbohydrates in your diet. The application focuses in its place concerning higher unwanted fat, excessive peptids foods.
a pair of. A 1500-Calorie Eating plan
More common factor in just about all fat reduction quality diets will be the calorie debt. It is important to eliminate even more unhealthy calories than most people use. For the reason that name advises, that you’re limited to 1500 calories from fat on a daily basis. That focus must be on choosing clean, nourishing foods using a superior linens subject material.
3. That Paleo Healthy eating plan
A Paleo diet program is really an all-natural diet regime. The diet plan discusses keeping away from highly refined ingredients and taking total, natural meals. Consequently people acquire your go with with the freshest greens, fruits, and meats available. Obtaining normal foodstuff is normally strongly recommended.
five. This 3-Week Diet
Your three-week healthy eating plan can be an additional diet that could be widely used because the device calls for remarkably much lower time to lose fat. You can actually eliminate about 12 to 20 excess fat during the period of three months, making it feel like a remarkable diet program. Within this diet, ones calorie intake is fixed, nevertheless it calls for eating a good diet, rather then waste. This approach can make it safe to follow for most people.
5. This GM Weight loss plan
Which might not love to get rid of some weight in mere 7 days? This is exactly what the GM eating plan guarantees. The final Engines Company produced the dietary plan in colaboration with your FDA. It was eventually designed to improve the production cost in addition to help over-all well-being involving her workers’. For a weeks time, you will be on a fruit and vegetables, benefits, and also the strange portion associated with beef along with dark rice. That anticipated fat reduction can be around 10 to help you 15 lbs! This diet at the same time helps to clean out your computer. This also increases the digestive function and improves the levels of energy with the physical structure.
6. Over the Unwanted fat Eating plan
The dietary plan was made together with prescribed for those who possess excessive cholesterol grades and they are exseeding weight. That discusses cutting your percentage involving body fat as a result of confirmed calorie constrain on a daily basis, of which depends on the individuals age group and recreation. As an example, a lady around sixty ought not ingest a lot more than sixty days gary associated with excess weight upon an 1800-calorie eating plan.
7. A Towards the south Beach Healthy eating plan
Your Southern Shore Diet is dependent on your bestselling book written by cardiologist Arthur Agatston. It can be a customized low-carb eating plan. This targets on choosing higher degrees of healthy proteins and healthy and balanced body fat. Nonetheless, the carbohydrate food are certainly not limited, meaning you can actually stick to it and thus less complicated to adhere to.
8. This Mediterranean Healthy eating plan
A Med eating plan focuses on the basics with healthy and balanced feeding on. Released to be effective around increasing a person’s cardiovascular health. The idea boosts eating plant-based foodstuff, fruits, total grains, beans, along with peanuts. This limits the number of unsafe fat it is possible to feed on. It also limits red steak and additionally choosing whitened steak to help at a minimum multiple 7 days. As opposed to various diet plans, you’ll find it boosts a regimen.
9. The Raw Foods Eating plan
As the company name implies, a raw food diet sole allows you to eat tender fresh fruits, fruit and vegetables, together with grains. Taking that approach regarding it’s normal foodstuff contains the the majority of nutrients along with food preparation destroys a lot of the country’s vitamins and minerals. The dietary plan is thought to address head aches together with allergies, boost immunity together with random access memory, perhaps even overcome diabetes. Despite the fact that this diet undoubtedly will work, it lets you do receive a advanced associated with efforts and keep the application going.
10. That Sugar Buster’s Healthy eating plan
This Sweetener Buster Healthy eating plan is mostly a excessive dietary fiber eating plan. You don’t need to depend calories about this healthy eating plan given it includes eating largely fruit, veges, plus the right mix of proteins in addition to whole grains. You will want to sacrifice specified different kinds of dealt with along with refined ingredients which can be filled with glucose together with transfats. The diet targets on reducing blood glucose spikes as a result of feeding on ingredients which includes a cheap glycemic catalog.
Thus, at this time there you have it! Some of the most useful diet plans which you can look for. Such meal plans will allow you to get your weight deprivation targets rapidly. What are anyone waiting for? Learn how to start nowadays.

Comfortable in Traveling Tips

When traveling, the convenience of being one of the major needs for comfort you can easily enjoy every attraction also the atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. to gain comfort in the tour, the following will describe some tips comfortable in traveling so you will settle down at least traveled and found a great new experience.


This He Convenient Tips on Trips

Prior to travel, you should notice the troubleshooting tips below that will be helpful and make you be comfortable when traveling.

  • Information Dig It In

Before doing the tour, you should find information on attractions such as the number of different sources and media so you will not travel blind and gullible in the sights.

  • These schools

You also need to know the important roads and also a place where important attractions such as police stations, hospitals, and other information services so that you can easily ask for help if there is something dangerous.

  • Appreciate Nature

Try to always keep nature and do not contaminate the attractions at your rubbish and dispose of any vandalism or damaging nature irresponsibly.

  • Invite a Friend

Invite your friends for a trip together so you will not miss things that are beautiful and fascinating just alone. Friends will make you more comfortable because there are people you know to be in place during travel, can also be a friend to share the budget accommodation and also share things when traveling.

  • Bring Equipment

Equipment into goods that are essential to facilitate and make you more comfortable in the tour.

Tips comfortable in the tour described above can be a reference for you who will be traveling travel especially to a place that is you’ve never visited. Enjoy the attractions would be best if you feel comfortable and do not feel confusion with existing tourist attraction, for example if you traveled to Pangandaran especially with destiasi Green Canyon , rocks Karas and maritime tourism, there you bring a change of clothes is to make it more comfortable, and certainly not bad if you run out wet and the wind was less secure also in the body.

These Enchantment Beatuty He Nanggu Gili Lombok

Gili Nanggu is another dyke after the trio better known dyke travelers. Surely you know very well with gili Trawangan, Gili meno, and the water dyke. Well, besides the three Gili, it turns out there are equally beautiful pearls, which are hidden in Lombok. Yes, namely Gili Nanggu. Compared to the three other dyke, not all tourists know the existence of this one dyke. So when you visit the beach Gili Nanggu, you feel like on a private island.


Gili Nanggu located in District Sekotong,  bali to gili island West Lombok regency. You can easily reach it.Travel Lombok  facilitates you to get to Gili Nanggu by offering the following vehicle rental service driver and gasoline. So you tah not bother with public transport.

This He grandeur Gili Nanggu

The nickname the paradise island itself came from foreign tourists, who had stopped by the beach this one. Gili Nanggu able to hypnotize you instantly, with all the tranquility it offers. Natural charm amazingly beautiful, you could get rid of all the fatigue instantly.

On arrival at Gili Nanggu, you will be dazzled by the white sandy beaches and calm wave zero waste. Gili Nanggu inhabited only by resort management and staff. If you want a honeymoon couple with a quiet atmosphere, Gili Nanggu  recommended for you.

Take your time while enjoying the beauty of Gili Nanggu with snorkeling or swimming. You will certainly regret it if you miss this one activity for granted. Shallow sea floor is enough to satisfy your eyes, to enjoy the colorful fish directly, agile swimming to and fro. However, the sensation is different from snorkeling.

You can snorkel in the east and south Gili Nanggu . In the eastern part you watch the colorful fish swim, tempt anyone to join him enjoy the underwater paradise. Turtles, nemo fish, and more ready to accompany your snorkel. Then in the southern part you will be enchanted by the beautiful coral reefs. Gili Nanggu also be one of the turtle conservation since 1995. And that’s the beauty of Gili Nanggu is what you get

7 Tips to Friends When Traveling Alone

Traveled alone would be very boring if you are a private person and hard to get along. But otherwise, if you are easy going, humble and friendly, traveled alone will be very enjoyable.Aside from knowing the new attractions, you can also get a lot of new friends. To make it easier to make friends journey, follow these tips:


1. Make eye contact and smile Excursions fun avoid the impression of depressed and anxious. Smile at others. They also will assess you want to open as a friend. But in some cultures is not very common to smile at strangers.Suggested observe the behavior of the local population.

2. Flexible Do not be shy to talk to strangers, go to a public meeting or accept a dinner invitation at the restaurant.

3. Sports part of the conversation Wearing something interesting will certainly stimulate the body to start a conversation. Bowties, antique pocket watch or slogan on the shirt will certainly attract someone commented. You can start a ‘chat’ with new acquaintances.

4. Bring something to share Who can resist chocolate or a delicious snack of the origin of your city? To start a conversation with a new friend, you should bring a gift to share.

5. Ask questions Ask the best restaurant recommendations or the loveliest beaches to start a conversation with someone you value have the same interests.

6. Use the language of the other person if you can speak in the language of your new friends, speak their language. Suppose you went to France and met with the Japanese, even though you and the Japanese people alike can speak English but if you can you should use the Japanese language.

7. Do not ask personal things Some questions of a personal nature are not liked by the other person, such as how old, married, etc. Preferably selected topic is about the journey of your new friend. Ask impressions of the places he had just visited. What, are you ready traveled alone?

4 Interest Activities Can You Do in Nusa Lembongan

Do not be bored out to Bali! There are still many places that can be explored and not just that’s it. One is Nusa Lembongan, a small island in the southeast, which still includes the province of Bali. This small island is more densely activities because of the small size of Bali, but with a more relaxed atmosphere. Well, what can be done on this island?


1. Playing in Jungut Batu Beach

After crossing from Sanur Beach using fast boat for scoot fast cruise about 1 hour, you can walk along the main road Jungut Batu Beach. There are many operators that offer a variety of activities, such as diving, surfing, kayaking, and much more. Activities undertaken are also not far from the island of Nusa Lembongan because apparently it saves a lot of wealth, such as the beautiful coral, good waves, as well as clean sea. No wonder a lot of water activities become the operator bid.

If you want to try a lot of things but do not want to be bothered, you could take a vacation package at the top of the pontoon one operator in Batu Jungut Beach area. Above the pontoon , a houseboat, you can do a lot of activities, for example, try snorkeling for the unusual, walking on the sea floor or marinewalk to feel the sensation so divers, play jetski, parasailing , or play games more adrenaline. Each operator pontoon offering differentiated prices. You can choose the package that fits the water play whatever you like.

2. Been to Mangrove Forests

Other activities that can be done is hire a bike and playing around the island. In the north of Nusa Lembongan there are forests of mangrove that was quite interesting and romantic. You can rent a small boat near the area of mangroves and down the halls were cool and green trees. If you just for fun, try a boat ride around all the area as well as a gondola in Venice.

On the south side there Jungut Batu Beach location to enjoy the sights Jungut Batu Beach and Mount Agung in Bali. If you want to enjoy the view while eating or drinking, there is a restaurant across the observation point that can be visited. This place can be a fun place to hang out and spend time.

3. Stop by the House Underground Gala-Gala

Playing south again there is an underground house unique. House called Gala-Gala was built for 15 years. Not just a model, this house is made with real rooms that can be entered. Although it does not seem habitable, the house is quite interesting to be admired in terms of making business. Because it has a lot of access, try going out with friends and see if you can get out of the same door with your friends. This could be a fun game!

Lembongan Island is also suitable for you who just want to laze around. You can choose one hotel, resort or inn for a nap until the time you want to swim in the sea. You live your way to the beach or leyeh-leyeh in one of the café until late afternoon and enjoy the sunset while enjoying a refreshing drink.

4. Contacts with the Public Interest

If you do not want to do something special, you can walk around the island and see the culture of the local community. Culture is still relatively strong and the atmosphere is more relaxed than Bali, especially on the east side of the island. Additionally, stay a little longer in the small island can make you quickly get to know the local people. Do not walk even so familiar and at home to refuse return!

There are many activities that can be done, right? If still not, you can also cross the bridge and play to Ceningan, but we save that story for another time.