Google could receive a fine of 3,300 million euros by the European Union



Time record for Google, unfortunately. Company belonging to Alphabet could receive a historical fine by the European Union in a struggle that is prolonged in recent years. 3,300 million euros would be the number that Google should pay in the coming weeks due to antitrust sanctions.

The information published yesterday the Daily Telegraph, which echoed the possible action of the European Union. As reported by the newspaper, it is an investigation that began seven years ago and now ends with this statement of abuse of dominance by Google, although during the last April mentioned the possibility of this sanction.

According to the European Union, Google has used its dominant position to benefit their own services (Google Shopping) and thus hinder the free market competition. Apparently, the company has favored their own purchasing services in search results harm the growth of rival companies.


Google European Comission

These 3,300 million euros fine by the European Union would be a new record, since the highest penalty imposed to the present Intel received it in 2009 for anti-competitive actions (1.1 billion euros). By now believed that the fine could haunt the 3,300 million, although the figure could rise to 6.6 billion euros, equivalent to tenth of sales from Google.

The European Union, apparently, are tired of negotiating with a company that is not intended to reach any agreement and only aims to delay the end of the case. So he has decided to already start the folding of the sanctioning mechanism. According to people close to the case, and after several failed attempts to reach an agreement, Google has no intentions of defending himself at the following charges:

  • Forcing manufacturers to pre-install Google Chrome and Google Search, and set to the latter as default search service. This was the mandatory requirement for manufacturers to have access to some Google Apps licensing.
  • Encourage manufacturers and operators to install exclusively the search engine of Google and not other services from the competition.
  • Prevent the sale of smartphones manufacturers with modifications of Android-based software.

For now neither party has declared in reference to this possible fine, which is expected to be effective within the next month. It seems that the European Union is tired of waiting and will impose a great corrective to Google, something that will result in a warning to other technology companies who commit the same crimes.

MovieStarPlanet Fame Cheats


MovieStarPlanet Fame

You have the height of Fame point on Movie Star Planet certainly wishes and you’re as famous as. The more honor points you get more famous, you’re. Fame points taking the time though to earn. You can through games and share your videos are purchased with other players. Wouldn’t it be nice, if it make a faster way to fame on MSP?

MSP-fame list

Well, it is. In the following I will be listing some tips on how to more fame on Movie Star Planet and some cheats to get! The tips will help you to more points with opportunities that you might not previously have thought to earn. Here are some good ways to bring glory to get points and increase your level faster.

  1. Play to earn points to fame. The better you in the game to do, score the more fame. This may to some obviously appear, but to forget many Movie Star Planet players how many honor points by you can earn them!
  2. Make short videos and ask your friends and other players msp, to watch them. You be glory to earn every time, when someone sees your video and the observer will earn Starcoins for watching, everyone wins! Remember to make your videos short and good quality, so that other players, they want to see.
  3. Make different looks to share with people. Other Movie Star Planet players evaluate and use your appearance, if you like them! The more people, the your outfits and looks, you get more fame!
  4. Ask other players to give you autographs. The higher level you are, the more fame you from earning their car. VIP members who are using this msp hack tool can give a car every 15 minutes, so they are probably more willing to give you, if you ask nicely an autograph.
  5. So there are some tips on how you can earn more glory to MSP. If you know that cheats that really work, feel free, leave them in the comments! I’ll try to keep, when I find Movie Star Planet cheats this site up-to-date!

Amazon launches its new brands: from food to cleaning products



Amazon not braking in its plan to dominate all aspects of online sales today and has just presented its new strategy: new lines in their own brands covering different types of product, from cleaning up to food, through articles for babies. With this launch Amazon opens a completely opposite market to which we were accustomed, focused on technological devices.

The Wall Street Journal has been in charge of publishing this news, explaining that new brands private Amazon will be available in the coming weeks. By now, we know the price of new products and features that will differentiate them from the competition.

The variety of new products that will offer Amazon is very broad: foodstuffs (coffee, tea, snacks, etc.), articles for cleaning the home and even products for babies (food and diapers), a sale that had previously tried without success. These new features will be available only for customers of Amazon Prime, the company’s exclusive service.



New brands launched by Amazon include Happy Belly, specializing in food; Mama Bear, responsible for providing products of cleaning and caring for the baby, and Wickedly Prime, focusing on products of food, such as snacks. All these brands will be included within Amazon Elements, the “ethical” brand of the company.

With this new strategy, Amazon tries to confirm the loyalty of subscribers of Prime, which should buy your platform for convenience rather than go to other services available. After this filtering, company managers have preferred not to make statements.

Amazon carries a few years trying to diversify the role of their services. The future use of drones to carry out the deals, the launch of Amazon Underground to gain a foothold in the world of video games and apps or premiere Video Direct, which aims to make the competition on YouTube, confirms that Amazon does not limits.

In addition, and linked to your online store, Amazon a few days ago presented its pan-European program, a plan that aims to facilitate exports to small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

Play Clash Royale on your PC with MEmu emulator



Clash Royale has become one of the most popular and played in 2016 with just a few months of official life. There are many players who rush to the sand every day, some of them publish their games on Youtube channels or Twitch.

If we seek comfort at 100%, it is always the option of playing a Clash Royale from a PC, but for that we need a good emulator. As Bluestacks often present many problems of operation, today we present MEmu, a very comfortable and free emulator that allows you to use Android in Windows. With it, we teach how to play Clash Royale from your PC:

  • Download MEmu from the link below. It is compatible with operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The link leads to the MEmu website to download the latest version, April 19.
  • Install MEmu on the PC. Once the download is complete open the file to install it on your PC. We will have to choose the folder where you want installed and language. It includes Spanish. It will take a couple of minutes to install.
  • Start MEmu and download Clash Royale. When the download is complete, only it we will have start MEmu and go to Google Play to download Clash Royale and start playing. We can also connect the ID of Google without any problem to download games.

With this we can already begin to play Clash Royale on your PC without the need for an Android device. In addition to being free, MEmu offers a sidebar with a multitude of options that other applications are often part of the Premium version, how to do screenshots, map keys or change the resolution. All for free, of course.

Now that you’re all ready to play Clash Royale in PC, do not forget to go through the rest of our guides for basic tips, advanced to gain hints, errors which we must avoid, when to attack the Tower of the King, how to set up a deck and trick the advantage of elixir with the awesome clash royale hack tool, as well as our guides to climb fast level, get much gold and make runs of victories get epic letters, get legendary cards get super-magic chests and get free gems scooping the title of Supercell.

Some Frequent Misconceptions about Business Journey

Every time you come throughout an enterprise traveler strolling across the airport, there are lots of thoughts that cross your mind. Let me start by warning you, lots of these could be wrong.

Enterprise travelers face loads of challenges. At all times racing in opposition to time, they are continuously going from one airport to another, catching one flight to another. Lack of sleep, longer than expected working hours and sometimes even skipping meals are what quite lots of vacationers can inform about their trips. Naturally, it’s not easy to cope up with such a routine and only the hardest manage to survive.

business travel expensesTouring faces a number of misconceptions. Listed right here are some of the prime of these.


It’s Always about Pleasures

Usually, every time you hear of enterprise vacationers lots of people suppose this trip is all about pleasures. Of course, all they will take into consideration at the moment is a paid journey, free air travel and all the other expenses.

It is true that many of the corporations pay for the entire trip. Nonetheless, it’s way more than free meals and a stay at luxurious hotels. An enterprise journey person typically has to sacrifice a selection of their leisure time so as to meet deadlines and fulfill tasks.


They Travel in Type

It’s true that business vacationers mostly have a charismatic persona and no matter what number of insomniac days they’ve lived, they’d the entire time journey in style. But the definition of fashion for many is completely a distinct one. Once you think of enterprise travelers, you’re routinely inclined to suppose that they must be touring by way of the luxurious lessons of the airline and staying at the most royal hotels.

The truth is, not many firms are able to afford this. Many business vacationers generally fly via the financial system class and keep on the budgeted hotels.


Formal Clothing

It is all the time desired to reach at a meeting wanting your best. Nevertheless, the baggage restrictions can usually make it arduous to hold your finest suit to an international land for the enterprise meetings. It is a huge aid that the businessmen all around the globe perceive this restriction.

So the next time you are eager to identify a traveler, they do not always must be in a suit to qualify as one. A good looking pair of trousers and costume shirt would do an equally good job. A go properly with is now not a qualification criterion of being a businessman.


A Lot of Work is Accomplished

Of course, the trip is planned to get certain projects fulfilled. Nevertheless, this isn’t all the time the case. Enterprise traveling may not be always as profitable as what the corporate has planned.

At times, business trips imply no work truly gets done. Nevertheless, that trip might open more pathways to future successes. The journey might keep you very busy, however the firm won’t get the specified results.

3 Most Logic Reasons You Should Not Buy Cheap Outdoor Furniture

cheap outdoor patio furniture setsOver the past few years, and with the financial crisis hitting the world, resorts, eating places, resorts and others within the hospitality trade within the MENA region try to chop off on expenses. Because of this, many of these businesses determine to allocate a small budget for the furnishings, forcing them to contemplate purchasing cheaper collections. However what passes underneath the nose of those companies is that purchasing low cost luxury out of doors furnishings will actually value them more. Listed below are the reasons why cheap furnishings value you more:


Waste of effort and time

The process of buying new out of doors furniture in your lodge, restaurant, seashore or other hospitality services, is long and requires some detailed research earlier than making the purchase. Each outside dwelling collection must match the ornament and mood of the space. Subsequently, the effort and time that will take you to cowl your outside spaces shouldn’t be wasted by relying on cheap outdoor furniture. In spite of everything, out of doors furnishings have to be of top quality to resist the climate adjustments, and, usually, low cost furnishings means low high quality that, most probably, is not going to stand up to rain, UV and dirt for an extended time. When the slightest flaw seems, you’ll have to redo the whole buying process. However, you’ll not have to worry about this with top quality backyard furniture because of their high resistance to weather changes.


Adverse image for the business

Low cost furniture feels in another way from prime quality furniture. What matters essentially the most for visitors in your resort, restaurant or different hospitality companies, is the consolation the furnishings offers them while having lunch in your eating set, stress-free on your sunbed or tanning on your daybed. If the outdoor dwelling set, for example, did not present them the experience anticipated, it would discourage them from coming again and enjoying a satisfying experience in your hotel.

However, if the feeling projected by the outside furnishings is an important aspect, this doesn’t decrease the significance of the looks. A faded coloration, rusty or decayed piece of furnishings deprives the guests from living the expected expertise of leisure and comfort. Therefore, dangerous emotions and looks create a negative image of your business, discouraging guests from coming back.


More difficult maintenance

When outside furniture should not make with the suitable materials, their upkeep will probably be very complicated. The outside use exposes them to dust that stains them, sun that weakens them and different issues that can give birth to bacteria. To avoid all these problems, complex upkeep procedure is recurrently required. All your restaurant and lodge outdoor furnishings must keep clean, non-toxic and bacterial free, to offer your visitors a satisfying experience. Nonetheless, good quality patio furnishings liberate you and your employees from exhausting effort to keep each piece of furniture clean and bacterial free just by the convenient materials.

In conclusion, outside furnishings created from materials like Sunbrella, Viro or Batyline that resist UV, survive the rain and maintain their original varieties, provide a pleasurable expertise for the guests. Accommodations and restaurants that use high quality out of doors furnishings have a greater chance of attracting old and new visitors. High quality outside furnishings may cost more, however they definitely have a better return on investment.

6 Tips Holiday Fun at Home

how are you? Still in holiday moments, this time the Old Man wanted to provide some tips to holiday at home so much fun for friends Pedia. Well, without much welcome, old man wants to the point this time. : D Here’s some fun Holiday Tips at Home.

 tips holiday
  1. Make a schedule and make Planning

    A schedule that contains anything that should be done today is very important to ensure today’s friend did not run out of things to do and do not miss anything to do. The diary of a friend can be a place to write a good schedule. You can create a sequence that must be done every day, or just write anything that will be performed during a holiday vacation in Rumah.Apakah this time you will be gardening? A well-organized schedule so may help you determine how to complete the plans today.

  2. Maximize Every Housekeeping

    The house you have a small flower garden? Alternatively, there is a balcony? Small gardens in the house can be a comfortable place to spend the day, you can add a hammock  (hammock) between two trees or poles around the garden, this would be a pleasant place to rest. Then, why do not you spend the night on the balcony to gaze and contemplate under the auspices of the constellations? Many parts of the house that often escape our attention. When vacationing, try to pay attention to detail until you can see what fun things you can do with every detail of the house.

    If you really do not know what to do with the house, you can frame every corner of the house with the index finger and thumb your hands are in compartmentalized form the frame. Then, on the frame, which you think is more interesting to do do a little remodeling, redecorating, or simply cleaned of dust. This is fun.

  3. The closer to the family.

    Got a lot of time that could be spent with family is fun. Do not be too busy to do various things to forget to take the time to devote mutual affection with the family. If you have a problem with your sister, for example, yesterday we had not had time to make a cup of tea every morning. What if today we begin to come to terms with it ready every morning cup of hot tea, of course with a smile widen.All will be sweeter on this holiday. There are many things about being closer to family you can do during this holiday. May the love coloring your holiday.

  4. Remove gadgets moment.

    Tips filled holiday in the next house is about an electronic device that we call gadgets. Gadgets often eliminate our chance to really bring the soul in the place we are today. A short break away from the media who make a long distance so close and create closeness often do not feel this will be very good for your vacation. Instead busy making the world know about being where and what are you now, it would be fun to actually bring the soul in this place, enjoying the grass, enjoying the affection, and enjoy anything with your soul.

  5. Try things that you usually do not do at home.

    You never replace the task dad fix a leaky roof? Already been helping mothers to cook, wash the dishes? If not so often, why do not you give it a try this holiday, as there are many interesting things that we can understand the custom of the father or mother at home. For example, how to sweep the floor sesepele not seem, if you did not do it the first time. Hopefully many lessons, fun in this holiday.

  6. Filling Vacation? Relax!

    If during this time you are the type who is always busy and serious, then it is time to try something different, relax. This day is really to relax, make the days during this holiday to be quite pleasant and comfortable to meet that goal.

Once you try the 6 tips for holiday fun in this house, old man very much hope could be a sense of joy that fills the air holiday companions. In the end, the old man just hope this little article brings benefits to the lives of companion reader family website pedia. Have a good vacation.

Parks Organizing Tips On Home Page

Reforming the Park is the outdoor activities attractive home. By adding elements such as loud in the courtyard garden lights, fish ponds, fountains, pots, and natural rocks are combined with soft elements such as plants will make the garden more comfortable and beautiful home.
The park also has a variety of models, one of them for you have a narrow field could make the vertical garden as we have discussed in previous articles. So there is no problem for you to create a design house with a beautiful garden. Use of garden design  neat will make people linger in the garden. You can leave a flower or plant trees to create a mini home pages more comfortable. The following tips and tricks gardening house to make it look beautiful and gorgeous.The main thing in managing the home garden is to choose plants that suit the climate and the yard space and style of the house, because the primary function of the garden arrangement is made into a green house environment, thereby reducing global warming and reduce the level of air pollution. The plants will be crucial in determining the look of the garden house if done right.

garden design

How to Organize Home Garden

  • Thus tips arrange the home garden to make it more flower bed designs beautiful and comfortable. Hope can help find a good idea for your home garden.Avoid putting rows of distance is too close. This will make the garden look cramped.
  • Use methods of plant design with straight lines. Due to the straight-line garden will look neat.
  • When buying plants or flowers for the garden, do not just pick one type of plant. Place the various types of plants in a neatly organized group.
  • In the garden behind the house, can be placed a set of furniture. Due to the rear of the house could be used for family recreation area.

How to Stop Spam by Method of Your Web Site Varieties

stop spamWe all hate email spam in our electronic mail inbox, but rarely attempt to get to the foundation of the spam mail’s origin and purpose. Many webmasters face an issue of receiving spam emails by approach of the varieties on their website. These are often contact forms which are setup for customer’s to publish their inquiries or to present feedback. Spammers attempt to hijack these types to ship spam mails, both by manipulating the place the types send emails or by flooding the webmaster with junk mail. This text factors out a few of the ways in which you’ll have the option to combat spam in website forms meant for feedback, suggestions, inquiries and every other contact.


Form Fields Validation

A vital a half of having a safe kind is to guarantee that there is strict validation of the shape fields. That is greatest explained by an example. When you’re accepting a cellphone number through the contact type, you’ll have the opportunity to code the shape to guarantee that solely numbers are entered in the type field. Similarly for an email handle area, the form must be capable of decide a properly-formed e mail tackle has been entered. If the fields comprise something which that subject is just not imagined to contain, like particular characters or some funny text, then the shape will throw an error and will not be submitted till the mistakes are corrected. This prevents any malicious code or text from being inserted within the form. It also prevents automated bots from filling up the shape without understanding what’s required and the way it’s to be filled.



One of the crucial efficient ways of preventing form spam is by enabling a captcha on the end of every form. The captcha requires the person to enter a word or number verification which is shown in an image. This prevents bots and automated techniques from sending the kinds mindlessly. Since bots cannot normally detect textual content within photos, they fail to enter the correct Captcha text stopping the shape from being submitted.


Confirmation Alert

One other simple trick that can be utilized to harass the spammers is so as to add a confirmation alert field which pops as much as confirm the small print that the user is trying to submit. Robots and automated type submission software are unable to cause the click of the confirmation button within the alert box. One thing like: “Are you sure you wish to submit the shape? Sure No,” can be an added layer of safety from remark spammers. This is additionally a nice way of permitting customers to overview the knowledge they are sending and correct any errors or typos earlier than submitting the form.


Anti-Spam Plugins

Akismet is an Anti-Spam plugin used for WordPress, which can determine genuine feedback and filter out the spam comments. This can be useful if you don’t need to enable a captcha confirmation box or can’t have particular validation on your form. Similar anti-spam plugins can be found for other platforms as well. Whereas Akismet sort plugins aren’t a hundred% correct and should result in some false-positives, they do a very good job of filtering out the noise.


Logging Information

One of the important issues that a programmer can do to track the sources of spam and patterns of spam is to log further data of the user. This means that along with the normal fields that the user is submitting, the shape may also capture his / her IP Address, machine name, browser particulars, location data and comparable information which can be utilized to trace the spam source. Utilizing this data you may either take motion towards the spammer or even block his IP Address. This way he will not be able to maintain harassing you or making random submissions.

Some programmers also swear by hidden form fields in CSS, which stop the shape discipline names from being seen by bots, thereby preventing them from figuring out what knowledge to auto fill within the text boxes. Seek the advice of your coder for the perfect answer in your website.

Small Hot Tubs for Sale and Its Function for Your Life

small hot tubs for 2 peopleThe ideas to have small hot tubs at your home are truly decision. By buy small hot tubs for sale, you can enjoy the spa sensation without outside home and spent much time.  We know that small hot tubs are important thing that should be presented on a bathroom, especially at your home. It will very useful when you’re enjoying in bath activity. There is no doubt to choose good small hot tubs that can be brought to your home. It’s very benefit for you if you have small hot tubs at your own home, so you don’t need spent a lot money for going spa center just want to taste it. You can also effort your small hot tubs at your own home, and it’s not just dream and you can realize it if you want.


Best Ways to Find Small Hot Tubs for Sale

The function of small hot tubs is about ‘space’. You can save any spaces at your home to put other things because actually small hot tubs just need a narrow location for its installation. The small hot tubs for sale can be found anywhere. Browsing and adventuring in shop online is best ways to find small hot tubs for sale. We should know that the small hot tubs isn’t always bad than a big hot tub and it also prevail for ’quality’. Never thinking that because of it small, it’s just having a small function too.

Over wise, the small hot tubs also have quality that no different than a big one or even they can have excessive more than big hot tub. The one excessive of small hot tubs for sale is about ’price’. If you want discover every site online or come in every store at your city, you can compare with big hot tub. It’s truly when the price of small hot tubs for sale at store or reseller will be cheaper than a big one. With the mini design a small hot tubs for sale really helpful everyone in spa activity. Of course, if you want going to retailer, of course, you will get the lower price of small hot tubs for sale. It is interesting, isn’t it! Usually retailers or reseller sell the small hot tubs for sale with the cheaper price than a big store. So you can prove yourself if you think it impossible!


Small Hot Tubs for Sale Installation Benefits

The great things happen when you know that the small hot tubs for sale can be installed at the corner. It’s really different about the big hot tub that can be installed at specific place. If you ever see the small hot tubs installation, you will know over plus side of it. The small hot tubs can give you a big experience in spa and also can saving a lot of spaces/ rooms at your home. So we can conclude that the small hot tub doesn’t take many wide rooms.

If you have tried a small hot tubs, exactly  you will feel comfort and calm down so that you don’t want to return in old big hot tub because the small hot tubs has provided features that more than a big one.  Beside it, you can also have many different styles of soaking tub, it means that whatever your bathroom design style, you’re still find one that will fit in with your overall style. And if you wish a more functional tub, freestanding small hot tubs for sale from modern spa can be main priority of choice for you, the many useful of small hot tubs might shocking you, but I’m sure that you will feel better after a session above.