7 Travel Favorite Asri in Kuningan, West Java

1. Nature Park Linggar Jati

Attractions Linggarjati located in Kuningan district has a power of its own in the heart Pull parawisatawan. One attraction in this place is a landscape that is still beautiful diverse fauna or flora contained therein. Besides the beautiful natural charm, the Nature Park Linggarjati has a cool air and fresh. Not far from this place we can visit cultural sights of historical value, the building was the venue for the Negotiation Linggarjati Linggajati between the Indonesian government and the Dutch government that has their own appeal.

2. Travel Sangkanhurip


Attractions Sangkanhurip is a tourist location which is in the Kuningan Cilimus and its location is not far from the Nature Park Linggarjati. In Sangkanhurip itself has many tourist attraction for them is a hot water bath is still beautiful, the water itself comes from blerang Mount Ciremai and not just any hot water in the village sangkanhurip we can visit the village Sitonjul with a natural charm that is not less interesting. This village we can visit the activities of everyday citizens that the majority of farmers, in this place we are going to feel the freedom of all the activities in the city were so complicated.


3. Waterfall In Curug Sidomba

Attractions Curug Sidomba Travel is one of the objects of Brass that many visitors. Curug village Sidomba Brass loca Peusing Jalaksana Kuningan districts. The word ‘waterfall’ here is taken from Sundanese word meaning waterfall, and ‘Cidomba’ yanag means animals sheep or goats because in this area a lot trerdapat animals sheep. This waterfall has a height of 3 meters. This waterfall is one of seven places in brass wasata favorite. Facilities at cidomba waterfall is one of them is a restaurant, ‘gazebo’, children’s playground and there is also a strange animal one horned goats 3. This location also contained a mosque with a tall tower with a number of 99 steps. From the tower you can enjoy the natural charm equally beautiful attractions with other brass.

4. Archeological Sites Cipari

Archeological Sites Cipari this is one of the sights that you should visit Kuningan. This site is the megalithic era relic of ancient people who lived in the land of Sunda Besar, namely the high plains which includes mainland Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the sea that connects all three in about 10,000 years ago. The site is comparatively quite complete depict life in the past, so many tourists who want to visit this place one of the students even primary school.

5. Mary Cave

Gua Maria Brass is located in a village located in the district Cisantana Cigugur, Kuningan regency. Brass maria cave or cave also called maria sawer grace this brass was built at the initiative of local residents, is located on a hill called hill Totombok, west of the village Cisantana. This cave seemed to be a place Kramat and often becomes a religious procession. Which became one of the sights of Religious in Kuningan area.

6. Mountain National Park Ciremai (Waterfall Princess)

One of the destinations where other waterfalls which has a beautiful natural charm beautiful and cool and very well suited for those who love the beauty of nature is still beautiful. Waterfalls Palutungan local people call. This place is one of the sights very favorite brass visited by the tourists. In this place there is a waterfall that is very beautiful and cool not only the waterfall only served in this place, even here, there is a bascam the ascent of Mount Ciremai and the vast expanse of the estate, so this place so is suitable and required to visit.

7. Baths Cibulan

Cibulan brass Tourism is one of the attractions brass western Java which stores the history of Islam in the land of Java, it is said this place was once visited by King Siliwangi. Cibulan bath is located in the village of Manis Kidul, Kuningan, West Java.

In this place there bathing / swimming pool in which the fish arriving god but the fish are not ignorant to the visitors a swimming pond. It is said that the fish gods were in the pool sedah hundreds of years old, and believe not percxaya this fish is lost when the pool is in the clear, those local residents who saw the fish turned into thorns fish when a full moon night. Yet in spite of these myths all back again with our beliefs.

Not only the fish gods were in Cibulan, even here there are 7 wells Kramat supposedly equal efficacy with seven wells located in Cirebon, many tourists who visit this place just wants to see the well. So that makes this place one of the most favorite tourist spot brass tourists.

Tips and Tricks Clash of Clans Get 8687 Fruit Gems With Achievement

Have you ever had up to 8687 pieces Gems in Clash of Clans? You can get as many gems without having to buy with real money! Want to know how?

You want to get a free 8687 Fruit Gems?

Hi clashers, do you ever crave, desire coc Gems generator galore in Clash of Clans? Instead of your mod-mod clear that guns and high-risk (it can even create your account banned if caught wearing mod) to be able to get free Gems, you better follow my way, namely by Achievement. After my reckoning, it turns out the total number of gems that you can get from all of Achievement is as much as 8687 pieces!

coc hack gems online

So, the easiest way to get Gems as it certainly is to complete all requests Achievement in the game. There are some difficult, and there are several easy. If you want to try to get it all, try nih you follow the guidelines on how to get all of the following Achievement.

Bigger coffers

Storage Upgrade to a Gold level 2 / 5/10
To be able to get this Achievement you only have to upgrade your Storage Gold, and this is also a thing you should do in the game. Advice from me is you do not need to build a lot Gold Storage, please wake up some fruit but maximize the level, so you’ll have more room for other buildings in the Wall.

Get Reviews those Goblins!

Win 10/50/150 stars in a folder Single Player

The first step is quite easy because you start attacking Goblin before you start attacking other players. Without realizing it, the results loot the resources we can get to reach 10 million Gold and Elixir if we’ve managed to destroy all of the levels in Single Player. You can find various tips combination troops to defeat the Goblin base-base high level in Clash of Clans page Indonesia Playtoko.

Bigger & Better

Upgrade Town Hall to level 3 / 5/8
There is no specific strategy to get all this Achievement, play any game with the passage of time until you reach the Town Hall at 8 and so on.

Nice and Tidy

Clear 5/50/500 object bully (rocks, trees, wood, etc.)

At the beginning of the game may object bully you think cleaning is a waste of Gold / Elixir, but in fact by clearing the rocks, trees, wood, etc. you can get 44 pieces of gems every week and your chance to get the Gem Box higher. Moreover, in the current special issue as a Christmas like this will open up more opportunities for you to get a Christmas tree that contains a particular gift.

Release the Beast

Get Archer / Wall Breaker / Dragon in Barrack

Barrack upgrade is one of the main important things in Clash of Clans and this has also become a top priority after you reach a new level of Town Hall to get a more powerful type of troops. Even with Wall Breaker and Dragon, you can hide a lot Elixir while you leave or away from the game that can not be deprived of other players.

Gold Crab

Attack and get 20,000 / 1 million / 100 million Gold

Achievement is very easy for you to achieve their own without your knowledge. Figures 100 million Gold may be very large indeed great, but once you reach the Town Hall 8 you can definitely get it.

Sweet Victory!

Win 75/750/1250 Trophy

You can get this Achievement Trophy as many requests at one time if you want, but if you are a beginner you should hold on your emotions for this Achievement. For you who already reached the Town Hall 5 you can use a variety of farming tips Trophy already provided Playtoko to get Trophy 1250 as soon as possible.

Wall Buster

Destroy 10/100/2000 Wall in Multiplayer

Terms Achievement can you do without you knowing, and should be so. Because if you follow your emotions to be able to destroy 2,000 Wall maybe you think other players to attack the base with a total attack Wall Breaker, but unfortunately it was a bad idea and just squander Elixir you alone.


Destroy 10/100/2000 Town Hall in Multiplayer

This one also can you get by way of farming Trophy because in essence you will only target the Town Hall in order to get this Achievement. But note also the Trophy circumstances you have, do not forget to push-pull Trophy so you can get a pair opponent balanced with the level of Town Hall you.

Union Buster

Destroy 25/250/2500 Builder Hut in Multiplayer

You can speed up the process of getting this Achievement if you attack not to get 3 stars (such as farming resources). Try just check some of the base that lays Build Hut at the corner of the base, you can immediately attack with BArch.


Win 25/250/5000 attacks in Multiplayer
I feel no need to explain anymore, attacking and winning was the main thing that you do in Clash of Clans. Importantly, you can get at least one star.


Surviving against the 10/250 / 5,000 attacks

You can win this Achievement layout only if you have a strong and solid base, and certainly not with the layout farming base with the Town Hall on display outside.

Friend in Need

Donate as much as 100 / 5,000 / 25,000 capacity reinforcement troops Clan Castle

Donate / donation is the most important thing when you’re in the Clan. I recommend you to just focus Barbarian donate to various Clan War Clan carried you. But do not overdo it either donation, please donate 15-30 Barbarian unit every time you do a Clan War Clan and you will get this Achievement throughout the game later.

The European Court of Justice prohibits pay digital canon in Spain with the State budget

The European Court of Justice

The history of the digital canon in Spain is and has been quite complex. Back in 2011, the Court of Justice of the European Union and national audience positioned themselves against the barrel which, if you remember, affected the price of consumables such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives, etc… regardless of if they were used or not to treat copyrighted material.

Years later, the Government, people’s Party, proposed that this canon is paid directly from the General State budget, aiming to do so a certain amount of money. It was then when the Supreme Court then consulted the European justice if this measure is framed within the law or not. Now the Court of Justice of the European Union has spoken on this matter to say that he sees this illegal measure.

Why the ECJ sees this measure illegal

As they explain in its press release, the problem lies not in the canon to be paid from the State budget, but that according to they have declared:

The financing system of the fair compensation charged to the general budget of the State cannot guarantee that the cost of such compensation only be borne, ultimately, for the users of private copies

In addition, added that in this way both individuals and companies would pay cannon and latter are not required.

What happen will now with digital canon?

From now will be the Supreme Court which has the final say and who should tell whether this measure complies or not with our legislation. Among possible solutions that are down, it is that the Government find a way that corporations do not pay this canon.

Clash Royale, the new game from Supercell, now available for download

clash royale

You will do a few months we talked about Clans Clash, one of the most played games in the entire Play Store and worldwide mobile. For better or for worse, Clash of Clans received a very controversial update that caused the abandonment of more than one user.

Supercell, makers of this Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, another game in the ranking of downloads of the Google store, put hands to work with another project that promises from his first day: Clash Royale.

Clash Royale, the new Clash of Clans of Supercell

Clash Royale has been present in the Play Store from will be a month, but only as of today has been open to everyone to download. This month, Clash Royale has been put to the test and evaluated by their testers, by what is normal find people from a much higher on this first day level.

Graphics, the dynamics and the style of play are virtually identical to the of Clash of Clans, with the difference that village we don’t have to organize this time. We have troops equal to in Clash of Clans, such as witches, the archer or the barbarians, but we also find never seen with new skills. That Yes, all with the characteristic design of Supercell.

In Clash Royale, our topas are in form of letters that we call if we have the elixir needed to do so. As more powerful troop, more elixir will cost us. The interesting part comes when we have to manage our troops with our elixir to try to destroy the rival Castle unless we destroy our.

Each village consists of 2 towers and a castle, and wins the game one more towers be destroyed. In the case of tie in number of destroyed towers, to “sudden death” play. If you manage to destroy the main Castle, where the rival King, you automatically win the game.

For each game they will give us a special chest, where we can find cards for new troops or new levels of them. We will also receive trophies or “cups” that will mark our range and our Division in which are more rivals to fight. The game also integrates different “arenas”, i.e., places where combat with opponents.

The game has achieved in just one day of life 100000 downloads, and does not suffer any lag or server failure, is more, just takes seconds to find game. In this sense, it is lighter than Clash of Clans. Just try it, Clash Royale gets hooked with their quick and bold games where you don’t know who’s going to win.

Ultimately, it was expected a game of this magnitude, taking into account the history of Supercell, so let every day be like today. Currently, you can find it in the Play Store completely free, but with internal purchases of clash royale gems and others as well as in Clash of Clans.


Tips To Avoid Traveling Together Family Disappointing But Memorable



Anyone who travels holidays with family the same goal, happy and does not want to be disappointed. Home or finish of a family trip deep impression and it always wants to repeat togetherness vacation next year or some other time. So if we have to be careful in planning a vacation is not excessive even a necessity. Starting from the beginning to the travel destination and relieved to return from a vacation trip. Here’s how:

1. Inventory or count how many or who attended.

How many families who participated in the trip, one, two or three families. Inventorying the number of children who are minors. Especially if there are children under five participants. This is important because young children need their own attention so that needs to be considered in choosing a travel destination.

2. Determine Transportation Used.

If a family trip undertaken by two or three families must be specified transport used. Does wearing his own car with multiple cars or a car in one group. If you must take a private car with few cars make sure that every car there are guiding the way and set a break after so much traveling. Make sure that every car driver knows the exact pathways through which at lest one of the cars / group loss of direction or the trail. Which led to another area and tourist destination can not be reached in a timely manner.

3. Determining Travel Date with certainty earlier.

After interventionist all participants traveling families who need to be set is the set date for a vacation. Thorough and check the day off work or a date, the date of the holiday school children. After that select and adjusted the length of time it takes to do a holiday trip. Choose when to travel whether to go when dense traffic or during off-season visits. The important thing has become the choice together.

4. Make a list of the favorite destinations.

Time and duration of the trip has been determined, according to the time specified search and list all the places you want to visit and then choose the most interesting sights. It is very important not to after arriving for example in a city still discussing the object that would be visited. Ensure that all members make a list of each. For discussion of these lists. For places to be visited, will eat where to stay where it is. Do not forget to check the weather tourist destination. If there is little difficulty in determining tourist destination especially participants of various ages, try children and adults who choose to say yes (aka budge)

5. Collect Vacation Informs on line and of the line.

If the travel options by using a travel agent, there are many websites that discuss favorite tourist destination. In detail can check tourist attractions such, the hotels, shopping, restaurants tourism and others. After looking on the website is designed itinerary per day based on the findings of websites. Basis of the line looking for references from friends who’ve used a travel agent and an area that never visit a friend. So the recommendation of our friends could convince us that our choice is suitable. The experience of our friends made the teacher.

6. Check your travel agent to get a discount.

To save the budget should also consider travel agents offering various discounts. Ranging from air tickets, hotels, accommodation facilities, tickets for local events, or even travel packages. In addition to saving the budget, it will also help us enjoy the sights fully.

7. Make a list Packing.

Recommended for each family create a packing list or the goods themselves, what will be taken. Then discuss together which does need to be taken and which are not. Adjust clothes or costume suitable weather tourist destinations. Number as necessary and use air travel do not carry baggage exceeding the air.

The training center of Dragon City

Dragon City Guides

With the Facebook game “Dragon city” you can train a dragon within the training center. We give you some tips on how you develop your Dragon, so that you have a chance against your opponents.

The training center of Dragon City: the use

You can not take advantage of the training center. Level 15 or level 20 Dragon level must reach first of all:

  • You need 500 gold to build the training center at all. You can expect in a construction time of approximately 6 hours.
  • With the help of the training center, you can train bred Dragon and make ready for the fight. You then have the possibility to send trained Dragon against your opponents in battle.

We have already given you a complete breeding guide for the first hybrid generation, today we want to deal with times very rare dragon. Google is full searches for the secrets, how to get a football dragon and as a rubber dragon. This is tricky indeed, so here is a detailed description. Makes your everything right, increase your chances of getting such a rare dragons up to 30 percent. There are now really many dragons in Dragon City. Correct rare, rare specimens, however, are hard to come.

The training center: The choice of the Dragon

First, you need to consider what Dragon you want to train at the training center. We will show you what you need to consider when choosing:

  • You can make out only a dragon for battles at the training center. It takes a 24-48 hour workout. However, the duration of the training session depends on what ability you want to have your Dragon.
  • Make sure that each dragon has different abilities. It is difficult to win a fight if all Dragons have same specs.
  • Dragon city makes available more than 100 kites in 10 different kinds of dragons. Here, it can happen that you quickly lose the overview. Especially when the Dragons possess different skills. Therefore, create a list with the most important data.
  • A dragon in the training center no longer available for tasks in Dragon city. Therefore, think about which Dragon would send in the training center. In the case, insert the two Dragons of the same kind with dragon city hack tool generator. Can one do its job and the other train.

Busting Political Cultural Bubbles

Culture can be explained as generically trust and morals of the special company, group, or time. In a nutshell, the life span of ways to talk about every minute in the lives of people or public teams. exchange of culture as time passes, as eventually brings changes. In a very clean environment Trade historical thesis can Profound incrementally. The usage of fire and electricity, agriculture to feed entire communities, the printing press, the auto and the integrated computer system occurred at differing times, we have an enormous impact the complete culture and political culture.

Busting Political Cultural Bubbles

The politics culture is the consequence of the blend of the politics systems ever sold with the annals of the folks in a modern culture. It really is rooted ethnical exchange to the full total time (record) happens in any modern culture. That is important because the growing politics regulates the essential beliefs and politics ideas of your political get together or system. Today in America, a lot of those mixed up in political process, voting or politics Usually Employed are doing this from a ethnical bubble.

People gravitate thesis of politics culture since it comforting to safeguard them from concern with the undiscovered bubbles, and eat that are looking to be “right.” That is true irrespective of ideology or politics get together. The goal to be certain, is within bubble insulation. beyond your company of other people of the Sami is isolated life the bubble: to get rid of a long record for society all together poor. Wars, racism, sectarian assault, bigotry, sexism and far ang evil-have-been damaged food or ethnic bubbles.

Today in America, the bubbles of ethnic coverage in the modern culture all together, helped to increase the current talk about of polarization. These bubbles show plan when people have received their only new ideas and plans of the view. Radio and cable news political commentators have grown to be the foundation GB, if not really the only way to obtain political information for many individuals. And commentators thesis combo of rotation and tilt coverage is “gospel” For many individuals, the poor-exposed outside the house this actuality bubble.

List ’em ideologically whatsoever inspired in virtually any order, the “comment” plan on radio, cable television, and can be purchased in print, artists mainly. Your job had not been chosen for. It really is to gain and keep maintaining ace Many listeners, visitors or visitors as it can be. If your primary goal majorit? Us citizens to help, wouldn’t normally at least some ’em-have for any office? I believe there are three reasons never to run for the complete social-same state: 1) They cannot win; 2) You don’t want to take the pay chop; or 3) you have specific politics questions to answer no spin that could injured their future as an designer. Does not signify they aren’t true believers. What it can is This implies they are really true believers or not, you are painters still to be paid. And the belief is that to be entertaining if politics on radio or television set to talk, it’s likely you have to produce a compromise, be stubborn and become uncompromising, not since it is good policy to only as it can help to apply driving care. Several policies artists expertise congratulate shoulds daily make big money by duplicating the Sami basic ideas.

You are able to do this by not resting objective Officially content spinning, say half-truths, cunning things out of framework, and promote conspiracy ideas. A specialized standard to utilize them often is an undeniable fact with another critical undeniable fact that, the truth is, the invasion is not contradictory. Voters shoulds Continue to be you need to be aware a certain view of side animators just whose goal is to preach to the choir also to prevent you from changing the route to sell catalogs, advertising etc. If all or almost all of the resources of information from entertainment regulations of politics theory, you are in a bubble then, which is more than you politically misinformed or under enlightened probably. The politicians in Washington DC are accused of surviving in a bubble often, so that it is get your information from political talk radio or cable news shows a spin-aussi like surviving in a bubble. Luckily for us, it’s easy, the wire news / conversation radio bubble burst: Spend time just to get the news and ideas from different options. Knowledge is your good friend, my friend.

The politics responsibility because of this bubble is detachment recognized concerns of majorit? Us citizens who do not in a politics bubble of life. Among the key motivators of the dynamics of specific options, whether a politician is recognized to fret about “your” concerns or problems. Did not understand your base or manage desires or wishes for many voters, politics ideology or position is debatable If you believe a politician.

By the end of a person might choose from a life goal Culturally isolated bubble was nationwide political party must operate on the ends of any bubble or endangered expand local Randgold ever.

Thrush and the Potential Harm of Gentian Violet

Well-known for its dark crimson color and the capability to make use of it as a stain, the gentian violet is for a long time to alleviate their parents in order to Thrush put into children’s mouths. Individuals with thrush likewise have this dye found in an effort to ease the anguish associated with dental candidiasis. Recent studies in Australia, however, gentian violet linked with cancer tumor in the oral cavity.

Thrush and the Potential Harm of Gentian Violet

Actually gentian violet was used as a dye for bacterias during scientific tests for coloring. It allows experts to look deeper in to the anatomy and function of microorganisms.

As antifungal properties of the dye was known, it was used to take care of fungal attacks, including thrush. Formerly the nervous about audio coloration gentian violet: it can destroy clothes, dye mouth and leave a tattoo on available wounds even.

Today, the dye isn’t just associated with tumor, but it is stated to possess traces of mercury also. Thus, to be able to alleviate an infection from yeast, a carcinogen is put on the mouth laced with mercury.

It really is difficult to state how can impact the utilization of gentian violet, as the youngster grows up and goes into adulthood. Traces of mercury are located using foods. However, the theory have something similar to gentian violet in the mouth area to the tummy of a kid.

You will discover antifungal ointments in creation that are changing the utilization of gentian violet Luckily little by little. Many argue these creams work far better and are easier than gentian violet to use because the creams have any kind of dye effect.

Natural Home Remedies For Thrush In Adults can even be followed under the supervision of your doctor. Below are a few to ask when you go to the doctor’s office.

Apple cider vinegar. Fermented naturally, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has the capacity to ideal living conditions for the healthy bacterias in the torso and mouth to make, which is just what is required to create the required balance your bathroom yeast infection.

Lavender tea. Lavender has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Even better, it serves as an all natural anti-inflammatory relief on your skin. Customarily it was used as a fragrance due to its fragrance, floral fragrance. Like tea, it has a earthy taste that some find very scrumptious.

Aloe. Well-known for its potential to assist in to sunburn and other skin area rashes, aloe has antifungal properties to defend against thrush also. food quality aloe are available in liquid or gel form. For adults, a mouthwash may be made by the combo of aloe and apple cider vinegar or tea and lavender used to rinse the mouth. For children, the perfect solution is can be employed to the oral cavity with a washcloth.

As with any kind of infection, elimination still keep carefully the key to claims outdoors. often sterilize items put in the subject’s mouth. For parents such as toothbrushes and normal water containers.

For children and infants, be certain to sterilize containers and toys and games, to avoid reinfection. Yeast infections can even be transmitted back and from mother to child during breastfeeding forth, so make sure the nipple is sterilized to avoid unwanted rash.

How to Get Clash of Clans Free Gems

You players Game Clash of Clans? want to know how to get Gems Clash of Clans Free or COC, if you want to get Gems Clash of Clans Guide follow the tutorial I wrote the following, Gems Clash of Clans lot of use, if you’re a fan and simultaneously player game Clash of Clans starter, then Clash of Clans Free Gems is very useful.

gems coc

You play games Clash of Clans, often constrained by Builder Hut were given only two people wrote, but that would be upgraded so much continues to take a long time. ??? Most we can only afford to get Hut Builder third with 500 Gems (and even then very sparingly dah Gemsnya) seh wanted to multiply the builder hut into 5 yea? to quickly upgrade. needed 1000 to the fourth and the fifth Gems 2000 Gems. Approximately how long can only be collected?

If you want to use a fast way to pay use a credit card to buy BUILDER HUTS fourth and fifth (at least dug pocket around 300 thousand) if I do not want to buy because there is no way get it for FREE. Currently I only Town Hall 6 dah has 4 Builder Hut. Now I want to tips without using credit cards can get $ 10 worth of gems in 1200 FREE !!!

  1. First make sure the first Clash of Clans you are already connected to facebook. After connecting to facebook, come back here and follow number 2.
  2.  Click and >> DOWNLOAD
  3. After click download and install the application and run the application until the entrance to the main page. On the main page on your Android screen will have some choice game. Download all games are nothing to get credit. Every time the game sponsor that appears it is always different.
  4. I downloaded “Electro Girl” which has a number of credit 48. After you download the game you have to play the game at least 30 seconds to get credit.
  5. After you play the game it was above 30 seconds, trying to return to the screen of your application and see the top right of your screen, then the number has increased creditnya. If not changed, try to refresh your page.
  6. After the entry of credit, your next task is to download all the games that are on your screen and collect as much credit was up to 3000 credits.
  7. The 3000 credit is what we will be exchanged at google play gift card worth $ 10.
  8. 3000 credit can also be exchanged for iThunes amazon gift card and much more … prove.

Surgical operations from time to time

People have been practicing surgery since time immemorial. But not until the 19th century surgery becomes an important science and terhormat.Perkembangan knowledge about the human body, the discovery of anesthesia (painkiller), and the use of anti-septic for the sterilization of surgical tools supporting the development of surgery. Today, surgery is practiced by a surgeon has become the way that modern medical treatments are very effective and safe.

pembedahan oleh seorang dokter bedah

Surgery is the way the treatment of diseases, deformities and injuries through a procedure called the operation. Surgery can be used to repair damaged or broken bone, stopping uncontrolled bleeding, move the organ or tissue that is diseased or injured, and to reconnect the severed organ or muscle.

Surgical operations that have been performed since ancient times by the surgeon. However, once there is no antiseptic to kill germs. Therefore, the ancient surgical operation performed by the tool and the rooms were not sterile. As a result, surgery is often successful, but many patients who died after surgery. This is caused by infection of the surgical tool by germs.

In the 1840s there was a gynecologist in Hungary named Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis. He found a way to prevent the occurrence of fever after childbirth. Fever occurs due to infection and extremely dangerous and cause the death of mothers after giving birth. In addition to the infection, death is caused by unhygienic methods of operation. Therefore, dr. Ignas forced to carry the infection prevention using antiseptic prophylaxes who was in on by the hospital.

Now, antiseptic has been found and common in use by a heart surgeon, plastic surgery, oral surgery. Surgery procedures are now to be done in a state of sterile (germ-free). Surgical tools used must be sterilized beforehand. The room where the surgery had to be a sterile room. In addition, the surgeon who performed the surgery must wear gloves, masks and headgear that everything is clean and sterile.

With the procedure is done, now the success rate of surgery is increasing. Danger of infection of patients after surgery are increasingly unavoidable.