Packing right before traveling is very important. We do not want to spend the extra money to buy goods already owned. For the case of travel with the kids, be very frustrating when the only thing left is medication or special anti-allergy milk.

One of us, like most people, very hate doing packing.Yang other one is already in the border approached OCD packing affairs. However, we both keep the default list to make sure nothing is left behind. Although that one makes friends with a typed, almost unconsciously divided by categories of clothing, food, shelter, and then divided again form the two columns. One column to list the needs of children, and the other column for listing purposes mama. Obsessive one that ?!

Well, when we are traveling with infants or toddlers, of course the goods are brought to swell. Various goods that were previously unimaginable even just so something very important to carry.

Here, Lala and Olen will share stories of packing goods for holidays with babies and toddlers, what should be taken. For packing tips will be discussed in the next article.


First, what the hell that need to be considered if you want to pack for traveling with kids?

1. How long have you traveled. Of course go for a weekend to Bandung will not be the same as backpacking two-week trip to Europe. The number of bags carried was certainly different.

2. Where will you go. When going for a walk to the beach, you will definitely prepare swimwear for your child. If you plan to travel to a cooler area, do not forget to take a jacket.

3. The age of your child. Bringing children 3 months luggage would have been different with a 3 year old child.

4. Transport is being used. When the plane for a long time, maybe you should bring jackets to handbags, if at any time necessary. Travel by car alone would be more flexible because if there are items left behind at any time you can stop by the store.

Below is a list of items that need to be taken when traveling, of course you can customize with your child’s condition and preferences, as well as referring to things above. This is just a suggestion of two Ma-Ma’s cool, you know ….

Yuk goods that enter the list of default:

1. The first thing that must certainly be taken, of course, travel documents : passports and tickets.

2. Milk. Infant formula / UHT if the child is not exclusively breastfed. Especially for UHT milk or formula is like overlooked because she thought would be easy to come by. It turns personal experience tells a different story.

Lala and Raissa has experience regarding the milk. When Singapore first Raissa already mixed breastfed and bottle-feeding. Time went Lala only equip a little milk formula in the box because his intentions want economical heavy luggage. If you bring the milk in cans certainly heavy. He thought that if he wanted to buy bottle-feeding-out portion of a box there. Apparently, in Singapore bottle-feeding is not for sale in the portion of the box. All in cans. He is forced to buy the canned and heavy-weight take him home because did not want to lose after pay dearly.

Still about bottle-feeding, even though it would bring the portion of the tin while on vacation to Europe, but discharged approximately one week before the scheduled return. When packing Lala was actually already guessed would be less, but at that time I had to give up the heart to buy a bottle-fed canned even there only with the calculation in the first week of Raissa could spend 1 cans of milk.

Happens, canned milk is there, but not like in Indonesia that bottle-feeding her divided per age stages such as 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and so on, in Brussels bottle-feeding is sold in only 2 2 stages of brand and age. Under 6 months or over 6 months. Could make confused because he was concerned about the nutritional composition is less precise, finally bought also of course for ages 6 months and older.

After switching to UHT, Lala thought it would be easier to have the dairy business. It turned out that it still had a headache. At that time they were on vacation in Vietnam. And despite carrying four liters of UHT milk, it still ran well for a week vacation there. Sure it’s not hard to find pure UHT milk without the addition of milk in the sense we are looking for vendors in Hanoi. Certainly not fun if they all sell.

All the stalls are small and few stores that we went not sell pure UHT milk, but with a variety of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate. We had determined to buy vanilla successful by the boy. UHT pure milk without a sense of finally obtained in a convenience store with goods imported article is available at the front door.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe the affairs of milk can be a headache. But the reality is yes. Though Raissa does not require special milk. Just imagine if he could only drink bottle-fed hypo-allergen or soy milk only. Would have been more difficult to find in a strange place, so it should be fairly noted about this milk than sorry.

3. Food, beverages, and equipment. Bottles, thermos, water bottles, spill-resistant containers instead of small plates and spoons. If you need to bring is also the raw material, such as rice, brown rice, etc.

Electric stove and a small pot can be brought in to cook solid foods, porridge, or rice mushy (as may be provided in the hotel rice is too hard) – it could be to cook vegetable soup, for example.

4. Vitamins and medicines. Obviously we want everyone healthy while going to come back home. Unfortunately the changes in the weather or a long and tiring journey, can make the immune system of the body decreases. Usually we bring the baby fever medication, drugs for bruise, wound medicine, baby balm, even a thermometer. Insect bites from mosquitoes and protective lotion is also important when you visit a place prone to insects.

5. Toilettries. Accessories for making beautiful and fragrant usual for adults such as combs, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, plus of course, soap and toothpaste for children. Do not forget to bring a baby cream to prevent the appearance of the rash if the child was still in diapers. Also disposable diapers, although that is a bit more easily bought anywhere.

Besides toiletries, bring a small towel also will personally to dry face or hand finished to cool off during transit or save the world if it is a small hotel providing a less clean towel or fewer in number.

When you go to a hot spot and the possibility of the little one will be a lot of being outdoors, consider also to bring sunscreen protected skin that special baby.

6. Plastic bags small . We always carry a small plastic bag wherever I go with children. Do I bring to the mall especially when traveling. Plastic bags have so many functions. From a container storing dirty diapers before I throw into the trash. Or for storing dirty clothes children because eat or drink while walking down the street, so that when deposited into the bag does not pollute the clean clothes left. Or storing utensils after use.

7. Clothing and footwear. Before going away always make sure the weather at the destination. When you travel to a place that is winter, jackets, longjohn – a kind of socks that cover the entire foot from finger up the ass, gloves, scarves and hats should be taken. If traveling to the beach or during the summer, of course, do not forget to bring a swimsuit and flip-flops. Not funny down the beach wearing shoes.

Olen and Oliq had a bad experience while being in Australia. When in fact it was the middle of summer, usually the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Olen just bring a pair of socks for Oliq – well it’s just got a pair. It turned out that a few days the weather there is very cold, about 17 degrees Celsius with the wind blowing directly from the South Pole. When in Sydney, socks Oliq missing door. Eventually she wears her mother’s socks next to the yellow, red door again. Because it is too large, the sock is gone in around the Sydney Opera House.

Already looking everywhere no one sells booties. Want to buy ugg, father Oliq not willing to have had to spend AUD 30 “for items that are not used anymore,” he said. Finally, while holding, grasping Olen Oliq feet so as not freezing, until finally buy booties next day. Do not let this happen to you all of ya!

8. Electronic. Hari gini, electronic items brought definite . From cameras, mobile phones, to the notebook. If you’ve remembered to bring all the gadgets above not to forget to bring the charger batteries. Oh, and the adapter power jack. Important!

9. Blanket. Actually not a native blanket mandatory. But we happen to have a blanket if it is not in use can be folded and kept filling the pockets of an animal that can then be functionalized into overstuffed pillows. This practical blanket is helpful when these long flights require transit at an airport which conditioned its exceptional cold.

10. Baby carrier and / or stroller. These two items is definitely needed when traveling. Small children easily tired, and surely they will ask picked up when tired or sleepy. Rather than capitalize carried her two hands, more comfortable certainly with baby carrier and stroller.

Glass Boat, Other Ways to Enjoy the Underwater World Iboih

Ganggari fast boat ,Fondling the beauty of the underwater world in Iboih, the island of Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam can be done in various ways. In addition to diving and snorkeling was enjoying using glass boat so another option that would be worth a try.

Without the need to get wet let alone forced to drink salty sea water for swimming and diving in order to see the tangible about so wonderful charm of coral reefs and a variety of marine animals that live in the bottom waters Iboih, so enjoy it while driving around the island by boat glass floored no less fun.



But wait, glass boat is not a boat that all its parts are made or coated glass but glass boat here is a motorized wooden boat which is at the bottom there is a glass box measuring 1 x 2 meter can be removable. At the time of sailing ships, the boxes lined the glass is mounted so that the passengers were able to see the beauty of the sea floor Iboih through the media.

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“It’s like diving. We can clearly see the variety of coral reefs and colorful fish from this box, “said Sarah rating from Medan who ride a boat with Prodaya in glass boat.

Not only Sarah who was fascinated by the beauty of charm underwater park’s waters Iboih, Ruslan was admitted.

“It has been planned wanted to see firsthand the beauty of the sea garden in the waters of this famous Iboih. However, because the swimmers especially diving then looked at him from the glass boat is his choice, “said Ruslan marveled while occasionally see the movement of fish playing among the coral reefs on the ocean floor.

Yes, there are always ways to enjoy the beauty of the sea garden in Turkish Iboih. Tourists can enjoy the underwater scenery using glass floored boat like this. By paying 350 thousand per trip on a boat with a capacity of 10 people, the family travelers can enjoy the colorful coral and a variety of fish at the beach and around the island Iboih Rubiah.
A maximum passenger capacity of 10 people, the tourists are invited to tour to enjoy the beauty of the charm of the underwater park with a glass-topped boat in the waters Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island, Sabang, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Tour which takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour is guided by a guide also serves as the captain of the ship. He was so very familiar with the underwater map around Iboih Beach and Pulau Karang spot Rubiah like Batik, Batee Tukong, Flow Paleh and Ship Wreck, so that the tourists can live up to a number of spots will be full of the charm of the wealth of marine life there.

Travel long history has given its own color for this beach. In addition to people who have been aware of most of the travel and able to speak English, support facilities for travelers in Iboih also sufficient.

A number of accommodation with varied facilities ready to accommodate the tourists if they want to spend the night. The need for food is also easily met here for many food stalls and restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines.

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For those who love local food, then rows of rice stall which is located not far from the parking area and shopping can be a good reference. Most of them hawking Aceh cuisine that tastes very close to Padang cuisine. These stalls provide lunch and dinner.

For tourists who want European food like pizza, spaghetti, burgers and salads, not to worry because at this location there are also many restaurants in the bungalows overlooking the sea. These restaurants open all day, sometimes until midnight.

Important Tips In Choosing Attractions for Kids

For children, things always look forward to when the school holidays arrive is going to visit specific attractions. Of course this could be the best opportunity for parents who want to improve the quality of being together with family. Therefore, it is no wonder when there are families who dared to pay a lot to go on holiday together.

For those of you who want to take advantage of the time off with the family, it’s good to read the tips below. Because this article will help you in determining the choice of vacation spot frugal yet fun especially for your children.


You need to remember that your children should be a major factor in choosing a tourist spot. Unless you are a newly married couple. For those of you who already have a child, then the attraction that you choose should be tailored to their age.

There are many attractions that are provided for children. Usually, this attraction offers a variety of interesting things for the age of the children. Then, how to determine a suitable attraction for children? Consider 4 Important Tips In Choosing Attractions for Children following

1. Discuss with your children about On Travel Sites Selected

Because our focus is on children, thus determining the attraction, should involve them. Usually there will be many considerations in choosing children’s attractions. There are kids who want to go to a place in which there is something they enjoy. There are also children who want to go to some place because they had heard from his friends.

As parents, we must remain prudent in making decisions. Give directions that are positive in determining the destination of this tour. For example, if the desired location is located far away our children, then we should be able to provide a better understanding and to find solutions other places more accessible.

Most importantly, the place chosen should be able to give a pleasant impression for them.

2. Choose Attractions Who Have Educational Value

Besides fun, other considerations in determining the attraction for children is education. Choose the tourist places that have educational value for our baby. So in addition to fun, family vacation could be provided new insight for our children.

There are many tourist locations for children who have educational value. Such as zoos, libraries, museums, parks, and gardens.

3. Not Harmful

The next consideration is to try sites that we choose not harmful to our children. Many tourist destination that has the beauty and the atmosphere pleasant but not friendly for our children.

There is a beautiful waterfall tour, but the access road is very dangerous there, filled with rocks and slippery. Certainly a place like this is not good for the safety of children. Therefore, choose a safe place for their travel.

4. Adjust the budget

Travel with the family does not always have to be expensive. Today many sites that we can visit with a cheap budget. Choose a destination like that if our budget is limited. Because we bring the kids, then also consider their pocket budget.

That’s 4 Important Tips In Choosing Attractions for Kids that you can consider. Do not forget a good idea to also use online media reference in determining these sights. There are many web sites that discuss a wide range of tourist sites.

For example, for those of you who want to vacation in Sukabumi, you can choose the Travel Air Ryzzy Azzahra Waterpark as your travel destination. In addition to an accessible location, Ryzzy Azzahra also offer facilities and tourist rides are suitable for you, have educational value and that is not less important is the affordable price.

Make a Plan A trip to Bali is Unique

Traveled to Bali is not an issue that is very unique and special again like old times. This is because more and more people in Indonesia who vacation there given the ticket to get there getting cheaper by the day. Obviously course, the more people who can afford to pay the cost of the holiday there.



If you’ve often to Bali and want to make travel plans that are unique and different from other local travelers, here are some tips that you can do: Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats

Look for areas of travel unusual visit by domestic travelers
Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Seminyak and some of the surrounding area is an area frequented by tourists and local. Indeed, some of these areas are very close to the airport, making it easier for transportation to and from the airport. Well, if you want to make the trip in Bali you unique, try to go some place that is not much visited by local tourists. For example,

Amed area, Tulamben and several beaches in the vicinity to the area of Candi Dasa. The area was not the main goal of domestic tourist area so not a lot of local tourists who come and stay there.

Renting a car or motorcycle to get around Bali
Indeed the main difficulty to get to areas not visited by domestic tourists means of transport. You can overcome this by renting a bike or a car in order to get around Bali. When my husband and I surround east coast of Bali, from Tulamben, Amed, to Candi Dasa and beach More, we rented a motorcycle and toured the area. Quite easy and just a few hours from one coast to the other shore. We stayed there a few days to be able to really enjoy the beautiful beach in the eastern part of Bali.

Stay in areas that are not too crowded by tourists
Stay in areas that are not too crowded by tourists can be an alternative to enjoy Bali travel different from the others. For example, while staying in Amed, we stay in the beach area Bunutan or a few kilometers from the tourist center of Amed. Indeed stay at a less crowded area often makes us have to pay the price of lodging is more expensive because not many inns rivals in that area. In addition, it takes time to get downtown where we can find a variety of places to eat and drink. However, staying in an area that is not too crowded to make our vacation experience be completely different.

Visit alternative tourist spot
If we were to Bali, then a lot of sights that became the main destination for local and international tourists. Starting from Kintamani, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Tanah Lot, to shopping to Krishna, Joger and centers souvenirs typical of other Bali. However, if you want to make your vacation to Bali is different from others, visit the tourist areas are not usually visited for example just goes to Lembongan Island. Very beautiful island is located in the southeast of the island of Bali and offers an alternative tour when we were in Bali.

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Want to increase the uniqueness of your vacation to Bali, last tips that can be offered is not touched up at all during your vacation in Bali. In addition, do not post your vacation pictures on Facebook during the holidays. If you can not stand, you can post the photo when it is back to your respective cities. Stay away from Facebook will increase the uniqueness of your holiday in Bali!

Travel tips to Bandung for Beginners

The Flower City which is the capital city of West Java is one of the favorite tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.


Bandung a distance of approximately 3 hours drive from Jakarta offers many types of tours, ranging from culinary specialties Sundanese, fashion with a series of outlet clothes and natural attractions of Bandung which is rich in natural tourism destinations like Mount Tangkuban Perahu, garden strawberry or crater whiteness.

Travel Tips Bandung

Well , so you do not get confused and stay comfortable during the cool Bandung traveled on this, you should consider Tips- tips Bandung travel below.

1. Wear Warm Clothes

Bandung is located in the highlands is a city that tends into cooler than Jakarta. If the rainy season especially, Bandung can make your body cold when not wearing warm.

Especially if you are into the crater area White or Lembang, you need to wear clothes that will protect you from the cold in order to remain comfortable travel activities.

2. Transportation

Although in Bandung you’ll find plenty of public transportation such as public transportation (public transportation), so you will not feel difficult to find public transportation during a vacation in Bandung. Tips Bandung travel this second it is advisable to bring a personal vehicle or rental car or motorcycle to run Walkway in Bandung, make it more comfortable.

In addition to armed private vehicle, you also need to be armed with a GPS or a map to avoid getting lost and to deal with the police Bandung. While to go to Bandung itself, you can take the bus, train, or air transportation such as aircraft which is now supported by the airport in Bandung.

3. Accommodation in Bandung

Bandung certainly provides many options for your accommodation, from budget to specialty lodging rates are expensive, from the facilities to the umpteenth number one. You only need armed with the internet to find suitable accommodation and suitable for you.

Cheap Travel Tips to Bandung

Make sure the location is also strategic inn or at least do not make it difficult for you to access the tourist objects that you want to visit in Bandung. In addition, choose the location is also rather close to the city center to make it more secure and strategically.

4. Heritage Bandung

You can find many types of tourist attractions in Bandung , such as culinary tourism, nature tourism, and leisure. For culinary tours, you can find it at many points in Bandung, such as near Gedung Sate or at Dago area while enjoying Bandung’s elevation.

For nature, you could try a visit to the White Crater, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, as well as offering you the Lembang green expanse and the temperature is cooler than downtown Bandung. You can pay a visit to De Ranch for horseback riding or garden strawberry in Lembang. As for recreation, you can come to Trans Studio Bandung to settle for playing in the indoor theme park the largest in Southeast Asia that.

5. Shopping Bandung

Well,  for tips Bandung travel of the fifth is a spot of shopping in Bandung. In addition to the three types of travel that has been described previously, Bandung also will be paradise for you the shopaholic . Yes!Bandung are equipped with a series of good clothing at mall outlets, distribution or FO or Factory Outlet.

You can settle for shopping in the area around Riau Street, Soekarno Hatta Street, Cibaduyut Street, Buah Batu, Dago or Cihampelas. You can also go to the ITC Kebon Kelapa or New Market to hone your bargaining ability.

Do not forget to use the local language Sundanese alias in order to get the best price! For those of you who are not a problem with clothes secondhand or used, you can hunting clothes cost in the Market Master Gedebage or in Babe (Used Goods).

Well , those are tips on travel to Bandung , especially for those who are beginners. Bandung is a wonderful city to visit and enjoy, so what are you waiting?

If Lombok Have Three Gilis, then Bali Bali Nusa Penida Have CS

Lombok and Bali are two gorgeous island of Indonesia. Both islands have some similarities. If in Bali there is the famous Kuta Beach with sunset, amed bali then there Lombok Senggigi Beach is also famous for its sunset views. If there is no Agung Mount Bali then there is Mount Rinjani in Lombok


Another similarity is the existence of both islands small islands around it. In Lombok small islands often referred to as the dyke while in Bali known as Nusa

Speaking of small islands, very famous trio Lombok Gili Trawangan , Gili Meno and Gili Air. The third dyke is also known as the Three Gilis. The third dyke is a favorite destination of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater by snorkeling or diving. Three islands located not too far away and can be reached by boat in just minutes

Well, if in Lombok there trio Three Gilis are very famous, then in Bali there are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. The third is also conveniently located adjacent homeland like Three Gilis. Come closer acquaintance with the three beautiful homeland at this Bali



1. Nusa Penida

Among the three homeland discussed here, Nusa Penida is the greatest. The location of this homeland (and also two other homeland) entered Klungkung regency.Compared to other places in Bali, the island is likely to have not so developed.However, his name also Bali, various facilities have been provided in Nusa Penida, including various types of lodging

Activities related to water are still a mainstay in this place. Especially diving. With the beautiful underwater scenery, divers will feel at home to linger in Nusa Penida. If you are lucky divers will meet with Manta Rays fish. There are about 20 diving sites in Nusa Penida. In addition to water activities, visitors Nusa Penida can also do other activity such as trekking to the hills or bird watching. depending on selection

2. Nusa Lembongan

If you are already bored with mainstream beaches such as Kuta, Legian, Sanur or even Dreamland, try crossing to Nusa Lembongan. There were some pretty beach atmosphere is not as busy as the beaches in Bali among other mainstream Scoobydoo Beach, Paradise Beach, Dream Beach, Sandy Bay and several other beaches that may be still anonymous

At first, Nusa Lembongan is more often used as a location to surf because the waves are reasonably proportioned. However, the underwater beauty beautiful too beautiful to pass that on its development many tourists are diving to enjoy the underwater beauty of Nusa Lembongan. If lucky, the divers will encounter Mola mola fish. Giant fish that can reach 5 meters

Nusa Lembongan itself is inhabited islands consisting of two villages namely Lembongan village and village Jungubatu. The majority of people work as farmers seaweed. Problem lodging, Nusa Lembongan has more choices than Nusa Penida.Here already provided various types of accommodation ranging from resorts, bungalows, cottages, until a simple inn rooms. Tanjung Lembongan can be accessed by boat from Sanur Beach or the Port of Benoa


3. Ceningan


Ceningan is the smallest island of the three islands that are discussed here. Its location is in the middle between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.Administratively, Ceningan is part of the Village Lembongan where here there are two hamlets namely Ceningan Kawan village and hamlet Ceningan Kangin

Ceningan can be accessed from anywhere. In addition to the boat, the island is also accessible from Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan by passing a wooden bridge drivable motorcycles. Visitors Ceningan are usually those who are looking for waves for surfing. If you want adrenaline, you can try the game cliff jumping / skipping rope made from the top of the sea cliffs. Various rentals are also available on this tiny island

Bali Travel Tips For Beginners

Travel tips while on holiday to Bali, be it with family, colleagues, friends or lovers, beginner or already often to Bali, it becomes very important, if you want your holiday more enjoyable and appropriate expectations. Because at least you have scheduled your vacation destination, whether it is more like the atmosphere of the countryside, the beach or the frenzied tourism center.


  1. How To Visit Bali

    The most popular course with the air, so that the distance becomes faster. Ngurah Rai International airport location itself is close to the centers of tourism, especially in the area of South Bali, such as Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Denpasar and Sanur.

    Can also by land, from Java island areas can be by bus or your own vehicle, via the port of Banyuwangi – Ketapang, while for the eastern region of the island can be anchored in the port of Padangbai and Benoa. For travelers coming from Lombok or Gili Trawangan better utilize services fast boat or a fast boat to the dock Padangbai, Amed, Sanur and Serangan.

  2. The Best Time To Visit Bali

    All the time you can choose Bali as a safe and comfortable, if you like beaches, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery on the island of Gods or outdoor recreational choose minimal vacation time in the rainy season. Nevertheless a number of attractions such as museums and art entertainment center, which features indoor recreation can be visited

    For domestic travelers, the most popular time to travel is during the holidays or holiday feast day of school, especially a vacation with children, as well as at the turn of the new year. If you already have a robust plan a vacation to Bali moments of the busy season, order tickets, hotels and transportation facilities early, because the discount may remain in place for booking early, and also to menghindarai supply runs out or prices jumped too drastic.

  3. Choosing Hotel Location

    There are many centers of tourism in Bali, for beginners or who first came to this island, more dominant choose Kuta area, because many assumed not to Kuta seems incomplete, in addition to the attractions of Kuta beach, the area has full facilities both entertainment center evening, restaurant as well as various types of accommodation available ranging from class backpacker hostel for up to luxury resorts, as well as to Legian and Seminyak.

    If you want to enjoy more quiet and elite area, adjacent to the watersport center in Bali as well as a number of other tourist attractions then Nusa Dua is an ideal choice.While staying Ubud ready to offer more integrated with nature, many beautiful rice terraces, dance performances, museums and art galleries with a strong local culture you can access more easily.

  4. Selecting A Model Transportation In Bali

    In Bali there are many kinds of transportation, ranging from public transit (already sparse existence) there is now a Sarbagita, have specific schedules, including Tortoise Bus. In addition there is a taxi meter that still exist there is also online booking transportation through the application on Android phone, but in a few places online tourism transport are not given permission to operate by local residents, is only permitted to drop passengers only.

    Type of transportation are quite popular with the way car rental in Bali, could be with a driver or take a key. If your trip is only about places to stay, to make it more efficient time because sometimes misfire can rent a motorbike.

    When you arrive at the airport make sure you book early pick-up transportation, be it a hotel or a travel agency with a reasonable price, or can order at the counter of an airport taxi based tables prices already provided clear.

  5. Selecting Attractions In Bali

    By staying in the South such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Central Bali (Ubud) and Denpasar, you can access a variety of popular tourist attractions on the island of the Gods with ease, as well as transportation services fairly complete. To the beautiful beaches will be dominated by South Bali region there is no Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, Dreamland, the Pandavas, Padang-Padang, Balangan, Karma Kandara, Uluwatu and Suluban.

    Northern Region, heading toward the mountains like Bedugul, including Kintamani, Gitgit and Lovina. While the attraction with most East position is Amed, Tulamben, Tirta Gangga, Candidasa and Edge, position west like Pemuteran, Bali Barat National Park including Menjangan island. If the lovers of the underwater world can choose Amed, Tulamben, Pemuteran, Candidasa, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Menjangan island

  6. Ethics During A Visit To Attractions In Bali

    Many attractions in Bali is a shrine or temple is very sacred, such as Besakih, Goa Lawah, Hair Siwi, Batuan village temple, Uluwatu and Ponjok Stone. For visitors menstruating women abstinence and prohibited from entering a shrine. Because the race is sure to affect the purity of the temples and the result is not good for the visitors.

    Next tips to avoid the use of flash cameras while taking the picture of the people who is praying or leader Reverend Buddhist religious ceremony. Do not stand in front and back to the people who are doing the praying.

    When passing along the sidewalk, on a number of shops in the tourist spot or attraction, often find offerings (cymbals sari), if accidentally stepped in front of its owner quite say sorry, hopefully you avoid stepping on it.

  7. Choosing A Tour Driver In Bali

    As a tourist destination every person has the right to livelihood important to find kosher. So simply means the dissemination of information, anyone can offer services via the Internet, such as through the website and through the media social being trends.Including many people from outside Bali to try his luck as a driver of transportation, although sometimes not so familiar with Bali as well.

    Tips are quite important, make sure your driver know about Bali, such as location map attractions, understanding of local culture, because there may be some things would you ask along the way, because a lot of unique things can be found throughout the course of the tour. Your message will be more comfortable driver through a travel agent, because they went through a rigorous selection, let alone happen to be the original driver Bali.

  8. Place To Eat

    There are plenty of places to eat, ranging from street vendors, stalls until international restaurants, including fast food, for a complete dish seafood specials can be found in Jimbaran, while a variety of restaurants with international selection menu then in the most ideal Seminyak area.

    You can find easily a variety of dishes typical of Muslim (halal) in Bali including Padang cuisine. Domestic tourists enough to dominate the tourists visiting Bali, the number of places reserved restaurant with halal certificate. If you are using from our driver, then the driver can recommend the appropriate place to dine either halal or non-Muslim food.

  9. Tourist Attractions Shopping

    For shopping, especially for the needs of souvenirs to colleagues, friends, family or own needs, there are some places that are recommended, such as the art market sukawati, Guwang, Kumbasari, art market Kuta and Ubud, a place that provides a variety of craft items local specialties , trinkets, clothes, paintings, bags, slippers, cups and much more by way of bargaining.

    The modern souvenir shop is also available, offering fixed prices with the concept of supermarkets like to store Krishna, Erland, Hawaii Bali. Do not forget to also visit Joger a manufacturer of T-shirts with funny words.

Similarly, some travel tips to Bali for a holiday either beginners or already often to Bali may be some forgotten

5 best places to enjoy the sunset in Lombok

Who, really, is not enamored with the elegance of Lombok? Package with beautiful beaches, Lombok is also famous for the stunning sunset. Well, for you who want to gili getaway fast boat feel the romantic atmosphere of the sunset, see five places with the most captivating sunset on Lombok below!


1. Mount Malimbu
Hill, located about 30 minutes from the city of Mataram can you find on the way down the Senggigi Beach. To get a beautiful panorama, you must climb to the top of the hill. Of altitude, you can see the grandeur of Mount Agung, Bali as well as three dyke very ngetop of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.
For travelers who do not want to miss the best moments of the sunset in Lombok, come between the hours of 15:30 to 18:00 local time. Overlay calm sea looks beautiful with a light golden brown. Your eyes are guaranteed satisfied stared at it for a long time.

2. Senggigi Beach
Yep, the beach is arguably the most popular location to view the sunset on Lombok. Imagine a beautiful blend of soft white sand, calm waves and the blue water line to greet the arrival of sunset. Sunset atmosphere feels even more romantic because you will also be accompanied by the twinkling lights of the fishing boats parked on the beach.

3. Gili Trawangan
Many reasons why Gili Trawangan is a favorite place to spend a holiday in Lombok. In addition to offering underwater world inhabited by colorful fish and coral reefs, Gili Trawangan also become a mainstay spot to view the sunset on Lombok.
So, once satisfied snorkel, watch the sunset on Lombok from Gili Trawangan become mandatory agenda. Sitting pretty with a base of soft sand and the breeze make the moment more memorable sunset view, deh.

4. Gili Nanggu
Sunset, romantic, and the honeymoon did three things that are related. No wonder, Gili Nanggu, the location that used to be a favorite new couple’s honeymoon was right to see the sunset. The atmosphere is clean and still making the young couple at home to watch the ocean adorn the golden light as the sun sinks behind Mount Rinjani. Absolutely perfect!

5. Beach Batu Layar
Besides being known as a place of religious tourism, the beach this one also offers views of the beautiful sunset. To spoil the hunters sunset, the manager even provided a building as a place to watch the sunset.

Well travalers, not to miss five this place if you want to watch the beautiful sunset on Lombok. Beauty sunset and the atmosphere can make you linger.

Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

In the field of tourism, the name might not have been as popular as Jepara Cilacap, Wonosobo or even Semarang. In fact many people consider the largest Regency in Central Java has a spooky image due to the existence of the island of Nusakambangan that in fact is the place of residence of the pesakitan snapper class in this country.
Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

Cool Vacation Destination recommendations in Cilacap

As a saying that do not know it is not dear. Any traveler would never know that theCilacap has many interesting places for vacation if they don’t take the time to explore the County. Therefore Travelingyuk will try to summarize the most recommendedplaces to visit while in Cilacap. Yuk follow Travelingyuk browsed one by one.


1. Most beautiful face There on the island of Nusakambangan Cilacap, One Coral Coast Bolong


Decide on a vacation in Cilacap inevitably traveler should dare to visit the island ofNusakambangan. Although the island is impressed because a place haunted prisonexistence of class I in Indonesia are inhabited by the convict class snapper, but the island‘s got natural beauty cannot be denied.


Come to the beach nearby Holey reef located in the easternmost part of the island.The white sandy beach is situated in the heart of the ancient fortification heritage Netherlands which is also known as the fortress of Holey reef. A traveler can access this place with a cross from Gulf Coast turtle.


2. Reservoir Kubang Kangkung, former Netherlands clean water Storage which is now So tourist attractions


The next place that‘s fun for leisure is a Reservoir in the village of Kubang KangkungKubangkangkung, kecamatan Kawunganten. Reservoir that used to be a source of clean water storage for the colonial Government of Netherlands in Cilacap is now transformed into a tourist destination.


Around the reservoirs there are lush greenery Sprouts Kubang reportedly has hundreds of years old. The air around the reservoirs also still so cool, away from smoke pollution vehicles. A visiting traveler can relax while enjoying the culinary side of reservoirs as well as playing the gondola in the middle of reservoirs.

3. Cool on the border of WestCentral Java, Curug Cimandaway


Not wrong if most tourist destinations promoted in Cilacap is its beaches. But do not forget also the area in the Western side of the County is bordered by the provinces of West Java. Here the topography in the form of the mountain holds a great potential of nature one is plural or more waterfall called curug.


Curug is Cimandaway, 65-meter-tall curug has established the Regent of Cilacap in 2012 as one of the tourist destinations that can be found in the County. Curug Cimandaway is located in the hamlet of attack, village, subdistrict Dayeuh Sublime. This waterfall is already known citizen since 1986, but 4 years ago developed as a tourist destination. You are obligated to visit this waterfall, although access to the still quitetiring.



4. The Queen’s Cave, a cave on the island of Pesakitan



The island of Nusakambangan is indeed known as the island of Pesakitan which refers to the existence of prisons class I in there. But the actual nature of the island itself has a lot of potential to be developed as a tourist destination. In addition to the beach and the ancient buildings relics in the Netherlands, the island of Nusakambangan also has caves that are not less with cave in karst area of East Java and Yogyakarta.


Make sure you stop over to the Queen’s Cave while in Nusakambangan. He said the cave has a length of 4 km with an average width of 20 meters. But make your own traveler can access the cave only along the 140 meters. The parent is referred to as the Queen of the cave the cave that is in Nusakambangan and save a lot of mystical stories. But the cave which has a room with a red stone is indeed very beautiful to enjoy.



5. Beautiful, Si Permisan Beach on the island of Prisoners



Still on the island of Nusakambangan. There is one beach that you should not miss the list of visits i.e. Permisan Beach. Why is it worth a visit? The first reason PermisanBeach still very Virgin aka natural untouched by modernization which is ideal for meditating. On the beach there are monuments of the Commando Knife photogenic backdrop for photos.


In addition, the beach is the destination for the citizens of Permisan prisoners. Those who membesuk her family in custody will be stopped at this beach is for leisure. The most obvious is the view of the sea with waves menderu-deru into view so enchanting. Not be afraid to pay a visit to the beach in “the island of Prisoners.

6. Turtle Bay, the gateway to the island of Nusakambangan


All the activity of the tourist crossing towards the island of Nusakambangan originated from the Gulf Coast turtle. This beach is administratively located in district of Cilacap Selatan is located 2 km from the Centre of the County of Cilacap. Good car or motor vehicle can easily access this beach.
Gulf Coast Turtle had a concrete pier which are commonly used to lure residents. From this beach is also a traveler will be presented with the scenery passing by tanker,as well as the tegarnya refinery Pertamina and the Green Island of Nusakambanganin the distance. Generally in addition to recreation, a traveler visiting this beach all crossed over to white sand beach in Nusakambangan by hiring a fishing boat.

7. One more Beauty to Miss sweetheart Nusakambangan, beach Selok Pipo


A little bit of trekking to the East side of the island of Nusakambangan, the travelerwill be met with a cool beach named Beach Selok Pipo. The beach is still pretty Virgin and hidden behind the hills. The only way to get there is to walk through thetrails.
Some suggested that traveler hired a guide inasmuch as the trail has many branches that are confusing, wrong-wrong traveler can get lost in the middle of the forest. Beach Selok Pipo is divided into 3 separate spot by hills and steep cliffs. The photo above is taken from the third spot with characteristic steep reef with ocean waves thundered.

8. Trace the footsteps of the Netherlands in the Nice Fortress Pendem

Length of Netherlands controlled Indonesia can be seen from the building his legacy is scattered in almost all regions of the country. A traveler can also trace the footsteps of the Nice Kompeni in Cilacap by visiting Fort Pendem. Ancient fortress which is said to be the defence of the Netherlands is located in the Gulf Coast Turtle Cilacap.
According to history, the fortress in the Netherlands language called “Kusbatterij OpDe lantong Te Tjilatjap was built in the period between the years 1861-1879. The ramparts have 60 Scouts Fort, barracks, firing room, as well as a fence and trenches around the Fort. Traveler visiting this place can get around the streets or relax in the gazebo or swing. There is also a fishing pond provided as additional facilities.

9. the almost Forgotten Mandala Curug Worthy You Jenguk


Curug Mandala is one waterfall in Cilacap Regency. Unfortunately the beauty of this waterfall is almost forgotten. Not because it is not beautiful, but its water dischargethat relies on rain water makes this curug dries when the dry season, so not much isrealized if the rainy season like now face Curug Mandala will glow again.
Curug Mandala you can find on the village Mandala Jeruklegi, district. To get the location of the traveler should be a little bit of trekking across the hills with the terrainof the road up and down. But don’t worry, because the line bypassed already cast charts even though the conditions are less well preserved. This waterfall is worth it because its existence jenguk makin you displaced, who knows with the number of visits will this well-preserved curug back.

10. Mangrove Forests of Mediterranean Hometown Hits among Traveler


This nih last place, at once central hits in Cilacap, Hometown of Mangrove Forests by the sea. The popularity of the middle of this meteoric rise was influenced by Roberphotos on instagram which featuring the faces of ayu mangrove forests in the sea.A matter of beauty does not have to doubt, you can see a bit of her picture below.
Indeed to get the area of Mangrove forests need a 1 hour trip by renting a fishing boat or vessel. The difference is, if renting a fishing boat you can depart at any timewith a rental fee of 300600 thousand per ship. If take a regular pay cheaper, per person: IDR 10 thousand with a specific schedule, but could not get to the site but should move up to two times.
In addition to 10 destinations are probably still a lot of interesting places to visit while on holiday in Cilacap traveler. For it to make a recommendation that got Cilacap traveler vacation spots, can help complete this list with Travelingyuk to write it in the comments field.


2017 Hyundai Sonata Specs, Redesign, Price list, Release Date

2017 Hyundai Sonata Provides Much better Build. Even though it seems prematurely for styling update, the brand-new 2017 Hyundai Sonata is reported to offer brand-new styling with brand-new rate too. This Sedan is a rather preferred in the market, and the new version is stated to be far better than the precursor. Check out the information listed below.

2017 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Hyundai Sonata Specifications

NEW 2017 Hyundai Sonata Energetic trim will certainly be powered by 2.4 litres of GDi petrolengine that produces 138 kW of power output with 241 Nm of torque performance. Elite as well as Costs trims will be powered by turbocharged 2.0 liter of petrol engine that creates 180 kW of power outcome with 320 Nm of torque efficiency. It is unfortunate though that the new car won’t get improvement on its performance.

Outside and Interior

The only requirement feature on the new 2017 Hyundai Sonata variation is the wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Elite trim gets couple of other features consist of digital parking brake with car hold function, front car park assist system, heated front seats, and also rain-sensing wipers.

2017 hiyundai sonata Outside and Interior

2017 hiyundai sonata Outside and Interior


These attributes on Elite trim are additionally offered as the additional alternative with $2,000 additional cost, equipped with two-pane scenic glass room. At the same time, Costs trim is powered by Advanced Smart Cruise ship Control, Rear Cross Website traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, Lane Departure Caution System, as well as Unseen area Discovery.

2017 Hyundai Sonata engine

2017 Hyundai Sonata engine

The various other major upgrade is on its tire, which is 17 inches alloy wheels with 215/55R17 Continental Conti Premium Get in touch with 5 or 235/45R18 Michelin Pilot 3 in Costs trim. This new tire completely alters the appearance of the cars and truck. It looks a lot more classy and also sporty too.

2017 Hyundai Sonata Launch Day and also Rate

This new Hyundai Sonata design is readily available currently at the car dealership. Each trim includes the various price. The entry level, Energetic trim, is offered on $30,590 price tag. The Elite and also Costs trims are offered on $38,350 as well as $45,490 prices. This price is costly, as well as it should reduce the quantity of passion amongst purchasers.



It shows wonderful enhancement from the last variation, but it appears as well pricey as well. There is no certainty that the latest model will have the same success in sales. Close to look, purchasers will desire the brand-new 2017 Hyundai Sonata to be budget friendly.