How Use Cheat To Revel In GTA V

Who does not know the Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V. This game is heading to fifteen in the GTA series which was released on September 17, 2013. Tells about the three people who plan a robbery tactics, GTA V continues to dominate the game world even today this. Prices were given was not kidding. A site called mention this game crazy prices that reached 500 euros in 24 hours. Additionally, all game content sellers in Indonesia simultaneously are priced just for one game only. The price given is varied, there is Rp 50.000, – once the content, there are cost between Rp 200,000, – until above Rp 500,000, – in the form of game tapes. With all his brilliance, this game is a game that most famous, popular, and successful in the world.

Available for the PS3 and PC, the game allows players to play at home or in the cafe. On several occasions, a player wants a game system works in accordance with his desire and downplaying the initial existing system. This incident is known in the gaming world with the ‘Cheat’ which in English means ‘Cheating’. In the game, a player should use tricks ‘Cheat’ only complains to have fun or simply have fun, and not to assist them in carrying out the mission. Hence, one thing you need to remember if you want to use this trick, that you can not activate the ‘Cheat’ when playing and then save it. gta 5 hack This is related to high risk premises that allow the ‘Crash’ on some missions.
GTA V Cheat Tricks
There are some tricks you can use to enable the ‘Cheat’ the game GTA V, as follows:
left – right – L1 – L2 – R1- R2 – R2 – left – left – right – L1
Blood and Armor
Round – L1 – Triangle – R2 – X – Plot – round – right – swath – L1 – L1 – L1
All Weapons (Full Ammo)
Triangle – R2 – left – L1 – X – Right – triangle – under – swath – L1 – L1 – L1
Increase Wanted Level (1 Star)
R1 – R1 – round – R2 – left – right – left – right – left – right
Reduce Wanted Level (1 star)
R1 – R1 – round – R2 – right – left – right – left – right – left
Physical attacks with explosive effects
right – left – X – Triangle – R1 – round – round – round – L2
mode drunk
Triangle – right – right – left – right – plots – round – left
Run fast
Triangle – left – right – right – L2 – L1 – triangle
Slow mode aim
plot – L2- R2 – triangle – left – swath – L2 – Right – X

Enjoy the beauty of Tebing Keraton with Mountain Biking

Tourist area Tebing Keraton, Dago, Bandung is again happening in social media because of its natural beauty was not only known to residents of the town of Flower. In fact, Tebing Keraton also a favorite target for mountain bikers All Mountain (AM), enthusiasts derivative tracks. At the end of last week, riding a community Bike Bike Adja (BBA) Jakarta tried a number of tracks in the region.

Cliff palace located in the area of ​​forest botanical garden (Tahura) Ir. Juanda, Ciburial village, district of Bandung (Dago, Bandung North). This cliff has actually been used since. But the name is not as famous as it is now.

Some local residents said this cliff is known by the cycling community, especially the lovers of the ramp (up hill). But in the last year, many visitors who post photos Tebing Keraton beauty so popular in the social media. The visitors dominated the new kid (ABG) it wanted to show that this place is popular. Tah wonder, tongsis milling about here and there.

One view Tebing Keraton

With a height of 1,250 above sea level (asl), Tebing Keraton presenting overlay fault lines Lembang Lembang and the town as a whole. Contour green hills stretching clear plus line of pine trees neatly arranged and streams flowing from the waterfall Maribaya. Local communities say, a great time to visit the Cliffs of Keraton is at sunset (sun sets in the evening) and sunrise (sunrise morning). The fog moved slowly and began to be replaced the golden light of the morning sun. In the afternoon to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the sky and silhouette line of hills, including Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Michael Alexander, as the marshal (guides bike) states, for goweser types All Mountain (AM) who tend to like tracks derivative, one of the favorite lines to get to the tourist areas are Tebing Keraton-Tahura-Goa Netherlands and finish in Maribaya (Lembang). “The starting point is Babagongan region,” said the man who is familiarly called Mike.

The characteristics of the track is fairly complete and varied, ranging from loose rocks (macadam), single track land, until the water flow path. The entire line is enjoyed in a diverse atmosphere for goweser past the local farmers plantations, tropical forests are filled with roots, to the pine forest. However goweser also need to be careful because at some point, only lanes flanked by cliffs and ravines.

Trails mountain bikers to Tebing Keraton.

Prior to Tebing Keraton, Mike said, goweser better tasting Firdaus-Tamiya track with a starting point Puncak Bukit Bintang known Moko at an altitude of about 1,400 m above sea level. To reach the summit on the bike Star-loading through Padasuka (Saung Angklung Udjo). Goweser also treated to views of pristine pine forest. In the Star Peak, goweser can see views of Bandung City shaped basin surrounded by mountains.

Characteristics of track-Tamiya Firdaus is suitable for those who like derivatives for stimulating goweser spur bike with sharp bends winding safe but still passable. At some point, deliberately drop off (mound) thereby increasing the adrenaline pounding. “If you want to play speed, fits in this pathway can nge-flow,” said Mike.

BBA chairman, Imam Bachtiar said gowes Tebing Keraton is a regular agenda BBA cycling community. The event is at the same time gathering and halalbihalal agenda after Lebaran. Imam also said to try this track, the goweser must prepare stamina and bicycles. In addition, the safety factor is also a priority. “Although there were some minor incidents, the overall running safely and smoothly

Benefits Garcinia Cambogia Premium For Health

Garcinia Cambogia is on the rise lately thanks to reviews that had published in various media information about several types of herbs are efficacious as both a natural and healthy slimming. On the occasion, Garcinia cambogia is said to be the fastest herbal slimming ability. And this claim instantly raise the popularity of Garcinia cambogia premium in the world while making it as one of the most sought after in the world of herbs.
Garcinia Cambogia premium itself is actually one type of herb native to Indonesia. Besides Indonesia, this herb can also be found throughout Southeast Asia to India, Maldives to Pakistan. Garcinia Cambogia is known in Indonesia as this gelugur acid has been used as a seasoning plant as well as an herbal remedy for a variety of diseases.

In connection with the high demand for premium Garcinia Cambogia, then we are interested to review more about the properties of Garcinia Cambogia well as the content you get from the fruit has a sour taste chelates this Based review that had published in various media, submitted that gelugur acid or Garcinia Cambogia is one of a potent herbal slimming in a healthy way. However, Garcinia cambogia premium is not only known to have slimming properties, but also

In a research published by say that it contains some kind of acid in acid gelugur beneficial to bind a variety of harmful metals that are often found in some foods such as seafood contamination vulnerable. As for some of the binding compound is malic acid, ascorbic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid. Its effectiveness as a binder metal and prevent it absorbed by the body reaches a range of 13% to 68%.

  • In gelugur acid is found in large amounts of fiber which effectively helps facilitate digestion and prevent constipation and help clean the buildup of toxins and fat in the digestive tract.
  • There is the ability to help stabilize the heartbeat and overcome deposits that clog the blood vessel system is good for blood flow, hypertension early to prevent heart attacks.
  • Garcinia Cambogia is also found in a kind of typical acid called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and proven in several studies, including by the Chemistry Department IPB 1997. HCA compounds shown to help prevent the formation of the enzyme citrate Lyasine which assist in the formation of body fat reserves.

The role of serotonin, the body turns when the central depression, stress and in tekaan, the body will lack serotonin, the body sends a signal lack of energy and decreased metabolism which then encourages the body to produce the hormone ghrelin causes of hunger. You may have experienced more often cases where you may eat in times of depression. HCA in Garcinia Cambogia was also effective to form serotonin. By increasing serotonin levels, it will help you avoid the habit of hunger because stress causes you to eat more.

5 Tips for Women Mountain Climber

Climbing a mountain is one sport that is a trend lately. The girl is not a member of any nature enthusiasts are already familiar with this one type of sport.

Although this activity is quite heavy and sweat, climb a mountain instead of inhibitors we created are still beautiful, healthy and charming, you know.

1. Minimal Week Before You Go, You Already Have to Start Sports Lightweight

Make the girl who rarely exercise, it is good to start exercising at least a week before going up the mountain so that the muscles do not tense your muscles and shock later. You can try to exercise in the morning, jogging, or swimming so that your breath longer and organized at the plateau later. That way you do not easily get tired and exhausted while climbing. You are also more easily regulate breathing, so you do not really struggling as they walked away.

2. Do not Forget to Bring Kleenex Tissues Wet and Dry. They Could Be Mainstay Make Net

On the mountain, we sometimes can not predict about the availability of water. For that, you need to bring wet wipes and dry wipes for the sake of cleaning up the body. You do not mau’kan oil, sweat and dust stuck many days in your beautiful skin? In addition, these two objects can also be used in cleaning up the dining utensils.

3. Use Custom Clothing Ascend, which absorbs sweat But Still Able Banish Cold Temperature and Wind

Usually, at the beginning of the trip, we will feel the cold ambient temperatures so we opt to use a jacket. But moments later, sometimes we will feel frustrated because of the body heat out along the way. But clothes are too thin also can make you catch a cold. Therefore, you had better use special clothing hike that is not too thick and not too thin.

These garments are usually able to absorb perspiration and to dispel cold temperatures. So that your skin is not scratched when the tree branch into the forest, use the arm’s length, or you can use the cuff. Never use jeans to climb the mountain, your feet can easily stiffness blood flow is obstructed because the pants are too tight.

4. Bring Deodorant. You Over Body Odor ?

Of course you do not want, right-mu teammates had to hold his breath the whole way because the smell of your body? So, do not forget to use deodorant. If your journey long enough, you can use it every morning after cleansing the body, before the trip begins again. Do not use it in the condition of the body is sweating, besides not healthy because the conditions were not clean pores can lead to cancer, underarm odor could also increasingly unpalatable.

Better wipe armpits with a wet tissue first, then let it dry, then just use your favorite deodorant. Your journey will be more fun, because you can appear confident and fragrant.

5. Do not be lazy Use Sunblock! Sunblock is Your friend During the ascent.

Sometimes the mountain air was hot, dry, hot, but cold. Well you know, confused too right skin? For that it is advisable for you to use sunblock, SPF of at least 30 in anticipation of sunburn.

Especially for girls with girls who have sensitive skin, must really use this one object in order to protect. As one of the important items that you must take when hiking, sunblock should you put it in the bag that is easily affordable. So you can use anytime, minimal on the skin is always exposed to the sun – such as the palms of the hands and face.

6. Make You were Accustomed Wear Contact Lenses, It is Now Glasses Make You Try to Use Only

For you who are accustomed to using contact lenses, it is not advisable to use it while riding the mountain. Why? First, the weather conditions were dry and dusty mountain less sterile for use of contact lenses. Second, climbing dense schedule often does not give you time to popping-post-dripping liquid lens.

When you force yourself to use it, it is not impossible even your eyes can be irritated. Using the glasses far more practical and safer anyway. Make sure you carry a spare glasses just in case if there is damage to your main spectacles.

How You Can Easily Legendary Card Clash Royale Chest

Who would not want to have a collection Legendary Card Clash Royale? But I get a little hockey-hokian or wasteful of money, is not it?

Eits, do not worry DG Friends! The World Games have a sure way to get a Legendary Card Clash Royale, not only of wasting Gem and Gold, there is also a cheat Legendary Chest Card Clash Royale know!

Buy Gem to buy Super Magical Chest. The possibility of obtaining Legendary Card from a Super Magical Chest is approximately 40%,  clash royale cards To be able to accomplish the same thing, you need to do is follow these steps carefully! Buying Legendary Card with Gold. A Legendary Card costs about 40,000 Golds or equal to 2.000 Gem.
Well, but the way it is quite wasteful Gem and Gold, is not it? Apparently, people have found a way to be able to always get Legendary Card of the Chest, you know!

Can Cheat Legendary Card Clash Royale of Chest

Many YouTuber have found the following to be received Legendary Card Clash Royale of Chest, but indeed this does not always proven successful. But who knew you are one of the lucky players Royale Clash!

Open a Magical Chest. You should get this Chest of the game, opening the Magical Chest you buy yourself will not be able to make this trick work,
After that, open 11 Silver Chest,
Open 2 Gold Chest,
Wait at least 24 hours to take the final step. You must wait at least 24 hours to play again Clash Royale application so that this trick can succeed until the end,
Finally, open 2 free Chest you can.
Congratulations! You should also get a drop Legendary Card of the Chest!
Importantly, there are some restrictions in performing this trick. 3 of them are:

Do not wear Gem to open the chest in this way,
You must be at least be in Arena 4 upwards, as Arena under does not have a Legendary Card.
Chest should not open another for doing this trick!

Good tips and tricks Legendary Card Clash Royale helpful for all of you just now yes, DG Friends!

Attractions In Bali For Children That Makes Children Happy Holidays

Based on our experience in the provision of services of holiday packages to Bali, Indonesia that most tourists on holiday to Bali’s attractions will be on holiday with the kids or family.

Nah! If the reader is currently planning a vacation to Bali with kids and family? I am sure the answer is Yes! Because the reader is currently seeking information about, attractions in Bali for children and family holiday in Bali.


Bali Bali has numerous tourism objects of interest, ranging from tourist beaches, natural attractions and cultural sights. Bali tourism development with rapid, attractions as well as family holiday objects also grew and more and more options.

Then what are the tourist attractions in Bali for children and recreation family vacation object that is in the island of the gods? The answers are below!

1. Turtle Island Attractions of Tanjung Benoa
Then what about the readers who vacation with children who have aged under 10 years old?

If readers are on vacation to Bali with children under 10 years, tourism activity available to Turtle Island located on the beach of Tanjung Benoa Bali. Vacation or tour at Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa is usually called by the name of the activity of the glass bottom boat and turtle island tour.

The activity of the glass bottom boat and turtle island tour is very suitable if readers are on vacation with his family and there is a child under the age of 10 years. Activity vacation to Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa is an activity that will bring you and your family to the middle of the sea, approximately 300 – 500 meters away from the coast, using a motor boat,

Under the boat there are clear glass, so that you and your family can see it the ocean along with its content such as coral reefs and a variety of ornamental fish. In addition, from the top of the boat children you can feed the fish – the fish in the oceans and fish food already provided by their service provider activities glass bottom boat and turtle island tour.

If you are travelling in large quantities, so we recommend to visit the sights of Turtle Island Bali Tanjung Benoa, because the price of the activity of the glass bottom boat and turtle island tour is calculated per one boat that can accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

For more detailed information about the holiday to Turtle Island Bali, such as location, price of Turtle Island Tour, please click the link below!

Ticket prices glass bottom boat to Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa, IDR 350,000/1 boat (capacity 10 people).
Turtle Island admission Deluang Sari, Rp 10,000/person.

2. the Waterbom Bali
Waterbom Bali Kuta is one of Bali’s tourist attractions for small children Indonesia tourist’s favorite, there are different kinds of water games and in terms of security, international standard, such as:

Water slides covering 3.8 hectares.
Massage and spa treatments.
Restaurant and Bar.
If the reader is interested in family holidays along the Waterbom Bali Kuta, surely the reader curious about the location of Kuta and the Waterbom tickets entry to Waterbom Kuta.

3. Bali Safari and Marine Park
Bali Safari and Marine Park has diverse animal species, about 50 types of species, including the rare animals and protected. Attractions in Bali for this child in design with the ambience or the typical Balinese ornament.

I’m sure your kids will love the attractions of Bali Safari and Marine Park, during a holiday in Bali.

If readers choose Bali Safari and Marine Park as a family tourist attractions in Bali, of course the reader will want to know the price of the entrance ticket to Bali Safari and Marine Park and its location. For more detailed information, please click the link below!

The price of the entrance ticket to Bali Safari & Marine Park 2016 (Go Explorer): Rp 150,000/adult, Rp 135,000/child (3-12 years).
Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00.
Address: Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra km. 19.8, Gianyar.
Location Map: Google Map.

4. New Kuta Green Park Pecatu
New Kuta Green Park Pecatu, Bali’s attractions for young children it has entertainment facilities, similar to the Waterbom Bali, namely recreational water excursions.

Attractions for children New Kuta Green Park Pecatu, it was new, because the grand opening of family attractions in Bali was held on December 26, 2010.

For more details about the price of admission as well as the location of the New Kuta Green Park Pecatu, please see below!

Ticket prices New Kuta Green Park Pecatu: IDR 90,000/1 adult, Rp 65,000/1 child.
Address: Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan.
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00.
Location Map: Google Map.

5. Miniapolis Bali
Location of Miniapolis Kuta Bali is located on the 3rd floor of the Mall Beachwalk. This place we recommend to place main children in Bali, because it provides a means of playing a very clean and comfortable for young children.

In addition, the layout of the site Miniapolis Kuta Bali is located in the middle of Kuta Bali tourist attractions area and very close to the Kuta Beach Bali.

Interested to visit Miniapolis Kuta Bali as a family tourist attraction in Bali, of course you need to know its location. For that please see more detailed info below!

The price of admission Monday-Thursday: Non member Usd 110,000/child, 90,000 Usd/child Member.
The price of admission Friday – Sunday, including school holidays: Non member Idr 120,000/Rp 100,000, Member child/children.
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00.
Address: Beachwalk Kuta Bali, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta.
Location Map: Google Map.

Presean, Adu Guts and agility real man on Lombok

Stick Fighting or Showdown Presean referred to as symbolic virility youths and men Sasak in Lombok. This is the guts of shootout fight a fight between two men wielding sticks be eligible the Sasak made from rattan or called Penjalin, equipped with a patron (the shield) made of Buffalo skin thick and hard (Ende). The Fighters called Pepadu and referee sidelines referred to as Sedi Pekembar, whereas the Central referee who became the leader of the fight is called Pekembar.

The fighter (pepadu) met in the middle of the field with a shirtless, using Freckle (headscarf typical of sasak), special gloves that have already prepared the Committee. A rattan stick as a tool to hit right handed is held, as well as the protector (the shield) in the left hand. The pepadu are ready to venture virility, agility and Buffalo balls in front of hundreds of spectators were present at the presean arena. Bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express


The leader of the match or pekembar will lead a showdown with presean awiq – awig (rules and code of conduct) that is already set, the game rules usually contain about the system rounds (the fight) that is by default 5 rounds, or is the consensus of the Committee.

Presean is the typical Arts showdown Sasak Lombok, originally started as a symbolic surge of emotion or excitement of the Lombok formerly Scorpion after successfully disabling/beat your opponent on the battlefields.
The culture of presean then became a tradition which has the uniqueness of its own when the Pepadu his martial style blends with expressions of jokes when it managed to retain their former sabetan rattan in the body of the opponent.

Martial arts or the Buffalo stunt Presean in Lombok are usually accompanied by Gendang Beleq music well as animator and Sir community around events to watch. While danced accompanied WaSP drum Beleq, both Pepadu will mutually repelled and beat your opponent with punches penjalin without anxiety or fear of injury. And uniquely, the participants Presean never prepared in advance, the audience and anyone who was in the field events could join the fight and showing off .

Rules of the game of Showdown Presean this is also usually not confusing, the pepadu can only hit the stomach up. When a pepadu hit by a head by sabetan rattan and bleed (leak), then pepadu is considered a KNOCKOUT or lose, though the pepadu felt was still able to carry on the fight. The match in the end by pekembar with a long whistle blew, and the two pepadu will then be shaken and cuddle handed play. As a sign that between the two pepadu there is no mutual grudge because presean is just part of the game and entertainment.

Tarung rattan (stick fighting) from the traditions of this island of Lombok Sasak community already known hereditary. Allegedly, the fight Presean was formerly only held as part of the upcara indigenous ritual asking for rain in a drought or a big event. Now, the presean became a tradition that became a local entertainment that demand by tourists, and as a caring government in preserving the culture of the area, Presean in Lombok are now often in lombakan, especially when warning independence of the Republic of Indonesia in August, or major events in Lombok.


Traditional musical instruments include Presean accompaniment consists of:
2 Drum
1 piece Petuk
1 set Rencek
1 piece of the Gong

Gamelan elements (rhythm and music combination gending) is so important in a showdown peresean, at least there are 3 types of strains of gamelan that you will denganr in the arena peresean, namely:
Gending Gending Ngadokang or Stimulation, played at the time of pengadok (pepadu search) looking for prospective Pepadu with regular partner opponents among the audience.
Gending gending Mayuang WaSP, i.e. that marked that a pair of Pepadu is ready to compete.
Gending gending wasps who you met, its rhythm ‘ bongbong ‘ spirit and ignite or burn/blood boil and emotions of the Pepadu. The audience will start cheering when pieces began to play. Any fight start.


The Sasak traditional Presean, there is the Presean custom clothing is also very guarded and must be met by the pepadu, pekembar or pengadok, such as:
Sapuk/Freckle patterned batik (batik cloth headband)
Kereng (cloth).

Bebet (weaving the binding kereng, usually do not forget bebadong or divine power of amulets inserted as pain relievers or build charisma and magical powers among pepadu.
Some important elements above, both from fashion and art pieces as well as his supporters, is a criterion that the art of manliness is not Presean kicks a showdown a showdown wild streets, or violence, but rather a culture and art are very deep and contain elements of ancestors so deeply in Sasak.

Trick Glitch GTA 7 which has not been much in the know

CJ-headed stump
This is done by playing multiplayer. Do not enable the CJ to cheat “paling” (man half god). Have player two swinging a samurai sword (katana) towards CJ until his head was severed and killed. Since then the head of CJ would remain maimed, but alive.

CJ melt
Naikilah mountain bike and hold it while pressing X BOX continuously as soon as possible.

widescreen mode
Naikilah commercial aircraft at the airport. As the plane took off, enable cheat “Destroy all vehicles”.

Go to the gym boxing in the city of Los Santos (town early), then activate the cheat “Jet Pack” and go up into the ceiling hole near the exit, then daratkan then you will be in heaven.

Wearing nightvision Google
Discover nightvision Google (in the mansion or in the desert near large parabolic) and wear, then the effect of his vision of a green or black and white. To eliminate the effect, the CJ should play video games while wearing the nightvision Google, and then quit.

Here the CJ should hold the camera. The first recruit one person gang, then approached her and press L1. Well … you ready to pose, and press L1 to photograph.

Refilling NOS
If NOS cars already run out, you stay out of the car and head up again, then his NOS will be filled again.

Giving the car the gang members
The first recruit one person gang, then ride a car. When CJ and his gang were inside the car, you go out again. After the gang you follow exit, press the TRIANGLE button and 1/2 seconds then hold the UP button, the CJ and the gang back in the car. Well … after that you went out of the car, but the gang you do not come out. Only a few moments later, the gang you out and log back in to drive the car.
P.S: You also could provide helicopters for the gang members in the above manner, but a little hard

Open each store food, clothing, tattoos, modif car early in the game without using a memory card
At the time of the New Game, No CJ scene was arrested by police and put into the car (do not ever skip this scene to the end). After about a car stopped at the railway crossing, enable cheat “Jet Pack”, let this scene continues and do not diskip, the CJ will be killed without cause and all the shops will be open tricks update gta 5 money generator no survey

Tricks to win in every race car
P.S: Modif car underground in the city of San Fierro also opens

At the beginning of the race the car took place, enable cheat “Flying Car”, then your rival cars will fly everywhere aimlessly. And the rate of your car runs quietly alone so as not to fly. As the situation allows, remove cheat “Flying Car” and turn tightly up to the finish.

Geng stuck in car
This was done in Los Santos near the police station. First prepare the car and 1-3 Recruit gang members. Make-star wanted your level 1 or 2. Once the police arrive, go into the car with all the gangs and Squeeze side of the car to the blue wall in front of the police station and let up busted. Well … after leaving the police station, look at the last car you go to earlier, there your gang was stuck in the car.

First, prepare a parachute, one car and one motorcycle. Then activate the cheat “Cars Soar” (box, R2, down, down, left, down, left, left, L2, X). up motors and Crash rear of the car you’ve prepared earlier by very slowly. As soon as the car began to soar, you should immediately get off the bike and immediately boarded the car began to soar (rather difficult indeed). If you’ve managed to get into the car inflated, switch cheat “Flying Car” and oncoming upward to the highest, if necessary up to the sun. Approximately a minimum of 3 minutes you drove up, please remove cheat “Flying Car” and come down from the car, then you will witness the longest skydiving history.

Cars stress
This glitch can sometimes sometimes not, but there’s no harm in trying. This is done by playing multiplayer. Prepare a car, make CJ and player two stood by the car door, then press L1 to do a kissing scene. But before the kiss scene happens, you immediately press the TRIANGLE button, then CJ will get in the car and the car was going to be stressful.
P.S: To more easily try using a motor

Things need to be noticed on a bike trip to the mountains

Warm greetings to the go everything. If before we give an overview of tips easy and practical way to clean a bike chain, well this time you will read important info for your hobby riding bicycles, especially mountain bike MTB.

For those of you who like biking to mountain or hilly areas should bring standard equipment that is required. It is important for new beginners to pursue his new hobby of cycling in the mountains or hilly areas.

Do not be upset, because here we will news any necessary fittings for mountain biking (MTB).


1. Helm
Supplies that one is very vital because it will protect your head in case of severe collisions in your head.

We’re no one knows what will happen on the trip later. We are perlengkepan menyarankna mandatory.

Suggestion: important.
biker gear, headwear, type of bicycle helmets, bicycle helmets color, function bicycle helmets

2. The key ‘L’ (Allen key)
Because the bolt on all types of bikes are mostly used type of bolt that can only be opened with menggunakna key-pairs ‘L’, the device is obliged to carry.

Suggestion: important.

3. Gloves (Glove)
Gloves or glove in need because it serves to reduce the effects of vibration caused by the extreme.

No gloves are coated foam pads also contained no gel, most hobbyist goweser choose to wear a glove that is gel-its for the better in terms of reducing vibration and comfortable when worn.

Suggestion: important.

4. Pump (Pump) and Inner Tube.
The device is also important, because if we deflated bicycle tire at the pump, but if it is leaking you can replace with the spare tire.

Suggestion: important.

5. Approval Tool Chain
You do not want your adventure bothered if your bike chain broke, therefore this tool is needed to connect / disconnect the chain.

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

6. Special Clothes goweser (Jersey)
Why is it important? because with this particular dress, distanced snagging hazards while on the road, and remain comfortable even in the weather was quite hot, denagn its design is tight (but elastic) and there is a perforation in the material.

Suggestion: important.

MTB bicycle equipment, special clothing bicycle, bike jersey functions, the price of the bike jersey, bicycle jersey color

7. Special Pants goweser (Bicycle Short)
Memkai specifically for goweser pants (pants padding) is necessary as well, since there is a foam that make comfortable the wearer, and the form of strict (but elastic) allowing you to move freely and are not afraid to snag tree / the objects around you.

Suggestion: important.

8. Tool Tire Levers
Membuak useful to facilitate your tires to patch or replace the inner tube.

Suggestion: important.

9. First Aid Kit (Medicine)
It is very necessary if there acident / accident while cycling especially in the hills / mountains. Which brought namely: alcoholic liquid, small scissors (scissors folding), roll bandages, iodine, and adhesives.

Suggestion: important.

10. The glasses (glasses)
goweser sunglasses, goggles bikers, type of bike glasses, bike glasses function, color bicycle glasses, bike glasses price

Useful to protect your eyes from dust, dirt, small insects, and even sunlight or other foreign substances that are harmful to your eyes.

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

11. Retaining Impurities (mud and gravel)
You can use this equipment, which serves to hold when there is mud or gravel that can hit the face and your eyes.

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

12. HP (Smartphone)
Useful also for directions with a GPS system, but is not very effective because in many parts of Indonesia yet to be detected properly with a GPS system. Mobile is also useful to menghubingi group if you stray or missed entourage.

Suggestion: important.

13. Shoes For Mountain Bike (MTB Shoes)
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His character is similar denagn shoes for hiking boots, it’s just that there is a difference in the palm of his more hard / stiff and there is an iron hook in front of the palm of her.

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

14. Special Bag Mountain Bike MTB or Bottle
The need for drinking water is essential to keep the body’s resistance to avoid dehydration. You can mnggunakna bottle or special bags which include a special drinking water so you can drink that journey because there is a hose that leads to your mouth.

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

15. Special Pedal Hook Into Shoes (Pedal Cleat System)
This device can also be used, but if you are familiar with. Why? Because if you use this pedal, the shoes are not easily separated from the pedal and can result in you falling (if not familiar).

Suggestion: adjust your circumstances and needs.

5 Vacation Benefits For Health

The holidays are a time of the most widely awaited despite everyone’s holiday a lot of things that can be done from simple to high costs getaway.

But it did not matter as long as we focus on the positive aspects of the holiday, especially for health. Researchers have shown vacation turned highly recommended by doctors because it has an influence on health improvement. vacation benefits for health:



Live longer
S ne research conducted on 749 women aged 45-64 years in the United States shows both housewives and working women who took vacations had a significant increase in heart attack decrease. The housewife who took a vacation once every six years or less had almost twice the risk of heart attack than those on holiday two or more per year.

Keeping the brain cells
J ames Sands of South Coast Institute for Applied Gerontology examined 112 women aged 65-92 and found there is a relationship between the routines of life that much of the decline in intellectual function. Although there is a positive relationship between vacations and intellectual function.

Improve life satisfaction
L inda Hoopes and John Lounsbury, researcher at the Department of PsychologyUniversity of Tennessee surveyed 128 employees before and after the holiday. They found there was an increase in life satisfaction after the holidays.

Lowering the tension
S tress external and activities of life either at work or home can make a person feel excited or stressed. Symptoms include feeling tired, do not have the drive, not interested in doing something, not enthusiastic, and even fear. Researchers from the Department of Psychology at Tel Aviv University. Mina Westman and Eden Dove find the feeling pressured to 76 employees decreased significantly during the holidays.

Improve the lives of families
D ilaporkan in An Experiment in leisure (Science Journal, 1968), WJ Kaiser analyzes the responses of 390 steel mill employees who do holiday for 13 weeks. He found the holiday turned out to be beneficial for family life. Workers reported to be more interested and sharing activities with the couple and their children.

A da something that contains elements of the treatment out of the daily routine and enjoy a different environment. Every holiday has a unique advantage. Even for some people one-week holiday package that is set can have long lasting benefits. Sometimes a journey is an exploration of the struggle and the people change the way they view themselves and their predicament at home